PC-S at Five Points Festival 2023

We’ll be at Five Points Festival 2023 the weekend of June 10th-11th. Keep eyes on instagram and Twitter for updates.

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Venture into the Scottish wilds in retrofuturist puzzle mystery A Bonnie Odyssey

A Bonnie Odyssey key art

Indie studio Astrodreamer have fully revealed their debut title, A Bonnie Odyssey, at the Guerrilla Collective today. A Bonnie Odyssey will be launching on PC via Steam late 2023..

About the game

Traverse the beautiful Scottish scenery of A Bonnie Odyssey, an open world sci-fi adventure set on a retrofuturist island in the Highlands. Play as Zoe, a young woman returning to her childhood home to find answers and unravel the mystery of her missing father.

Undertake quests and take Zoe through a series of unique puzzles, making use of the abandoned scientific equipment and retro environments. Through atmospheric storytelling and the colourful, stylistic world, exploring the island is both an engaging and rewarding experience.

A Bonnie Odyssey was announced today at the Guerilla Collective


  • Discover the mysteries of your home at your own pace. Rediscover abandoned buildings claimed by nature, and help the remaining island residents on their own journeys
  • Make your way through the wilds of this forgotten island by solving an array of puzzles through lasers, logic, and your own wits
  • Dive into Zoe’s story and connect with her past to find answers to questions that have lived with her throughout her life

About Astrodreamer Studio

Astrodreamer Studio is a small team of accomplished freelancers founded in sunny Scotland. Established in 2021 during the UK lockdowns, they came together to make the games they wanted to. Their debut title, A Bonnie Odyssey, will release on PC via Steam late 2023.

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Nerd Notes (6/6/23)

Full trailer for My Adventures with Superman:

Bob Odenkirk reads “Being Frank” for the SAG-AFTRA program Storyline.

New A24 thriller.

Interviews, details and a trailer for the new book series PUP and DRAGON.

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Monstrous Books Presents DEAD DETECTIVES SOCIETY and MONSTROUS MAGAZINE on Kickstarter

An All-New Weird Pulp Anthology Featuring a Cover by Hugo Award-winner John Jennings and 13 Original Prose Stories by Kevin J. Anderson, Steve Niles, Nancy A. Collins, Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, and others

Plus The Debut Issue of MONSTROUS MAGAZINE, An All-New Pulp Digest

(June 6, 2023) In the tradition of the great pulps of yesteryear, contemporary masters of the macabre Kevin J. Anderson, David Avallone, Nancy A. Collins, Nancy Holder & Alan Phillipson, John Jennings, Kasey Lansdale & Joe R. Lansdale, Rena Mason, Jonathan Maberry, Lisa Morton, Steve Niles, Jeff Strand, Tim Waggoner, and writer and editor James Aquilone are joining forces for DEAD DETECTIVES SOCIETY. This one-of-a-kind anthology from Monstrous Books features a cover by Hugo Award-winner John Jennings and interior art by Zac Atkinson, J.K. Woodward and Jennings.

DEAD DETECTIVES SOCIETY is now funding on Kickstarter. Everyone who backs at a physical level will receive a signed and numbered Dead Detectives Society membership card. Other tiers include signed books by Steve Niles, Rena Mason, Lisa Morton, and Tim Waggoner.

DEAD DETECTIVES SOCIETY gathers the greatest weird detectives in pulpdom, including:

  • Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. (who has featured in nine novels and dozens of short stories  by New York Times bestseller Kevin J. Anderson),

  • Cal McDonald (Steve Niles’s occult detective whose adventures have been published by Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing),

  • Matt Richter (zombie detective who’s been featured in award-winning author Tim Waggoner’s Nekropolis series),

  • Sonja Blue (punk vampire hunter who has starred in four novels as well as short stories and comics from the Bram Stoker Award-winning author Nancy A. Collins),

  • and Dead Jack (the zombie detective who first appeared in Weird Tales magazine and has featured in three novels from Bram Stoker Award nominated editor and writer James Aquilone)

…and adds some new macabre investigators to their ranks, including:

  • A reanimated Nick Carter by David Avallone, based on the character who appeared in the Nick Carter-Killmaster novels written by his father, Michael Avallone.

  • Saul When: Halloween Detective by John Jennings and Jin G. Fox, Death Investigator by Rena Mason, based on a character from her story in the award-winning anthology Black Cranes.

As part of the Kickstarter, Monstrous Books will also be launching MONSTROUS MAGAZINE, a digest-size magazine — just like pulps of yesteryear — that will feature a mix of comics, prose stories, and articles. The debut issue will include:

  • A collectible cover by Colton Worley (Classic Monsters Unleashed, The Shadow)

  • An essay by Elvira Mistress of the Dark writer David Avallone about the legacy of his father, pulp legend Michael Avallone

  • A reprint of pulp legend Michael Avallone’s first short story “The Man Who Walked on Air, ” originally published in Weird Tales in 1953,

  • The very first Dead Jack comic, “Dead Jack and Oswald Meet Frankenstein,” written by James Aquilone and illustrated by J.K. Woodward,

  • “Monster Rally,” a comic story by Nancy A. Collins with art by Zac Atksinson

“‘Monster Rally’ will be packed with all —and we mean all — of your favorite classic monsters,” said editor James Aquilione.


“Mystery Meat: a Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Adventure” by Kevin J Anderson

Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. is back from the dead and back on the case. In the Unnatural Quarter, inhabited by all manner of unusual people, Dan has to solve his wormiest case yet, when Mama Fly’s children go missing…and secretive industrial magnate Gold Boris launches a brand new “mystery meat” product that is taking the unnaturals by storm.

“Dead Drop: A Johnny Fade Story” by Nancy Holder and Alan Philipson

Deceased, corrupt, circa-1940 Hollywood Homicide cop Johnny Fade gets a furlow from Deadtown (the last stop before the Worse Place) whenever singing, dancing, homicidal, living movie star Rachel Alcina gets herself in trouble. This time, the L.A. mob has forced her to act in a bio-pic about Oso the Maneater, a professional wrestler and in-the-ring murderer. Rachel knows it will end her career: her medium told her so.

“The Ghost Thieves” by John Jennings

Saul When: Halloween Detective gets hired by a haunted house whose favorite ghosts have been stolen. Saul must use his Halloween tricks to get to the bottom of the ghost-napping and face whatever entity that has the power to actually steal a spirit from its spectral home.

“I was so honored to be asked to be a part of such a groundbreaking collection,” said John Jennings. “The premise is so unique and it’s filled with some of the greats in the genre! The anthology sports my original cover art and my story centers on a new character of mine called Saul When: Halloween Detective. The collection features Saul’s very first adventure called ‘The Ghost Thieves.’”

“Jin G. Fox, Death Investigator: Vixen Screams” by Rena Mason

Slain after receiving the dreaded fourth tail, the unrelenting vixen, Jin G. Fox is given another chance to earn her full powers back, as well as immortality, from the Queen Mother of the West by becoming a Death Investigator tasked with cleaning up 1900s San Francisco to make way for a “new” Chinatown.

“Being a part of the Dead Detectives Society means the world to me,” said three-time Bram Stoker Award winner Mason. “There’s nothing more exciting, fun, and humbling than creating a character who gets to play in the sandbox alongside legends.” – Rena Mason, three-time Bram Stoker Award winner.

“Half A Monster Is Better Than None” by Tim Waggoner

Zombie P.I. Matt Richter works the very mean streets of Nekropolis, an other-dimensional city full of monsters, ghosts, and witches. Matt’s latest client is a shifter with a unique problem. She’s a were-thylacine – an exceptionally rare breed – and someone has stolen her animal form, making it impossible for her to change shape. Even if Matt can figure out who stole her shifter form and why, how can he possibly reunite his client’s two halves and make her whole again? Good thing Matt’s already dead, or this case just might kill him.

“You can’t keep a good zombie P.I. down, and I’m thrilled that Matt Richter is going to join the Dead Detectives Society!” said four-time Bram Stoker Award winner Waggoner. “Get ready for more magic, monsters, mystery, and mayhem on the very dark streets of Nekropolis!”

“Snippy” by Jeff Strand

Timothy Perkins incorrectly promotes himself as the greatest detective who ever lived. His most marketable skill is his ability to wander into dangerous situations, because every time he’s killed he comes back to life. This advantage is offset by his occasional glimpses into The Void, where he screams in uncontrollable terror because there is no existence beyond our current realm. Hopefully he can get his client’s dog back.

“The Case of the Ravenous Werewolf” by James Aquilone

Dead Jack has a dilemma on his hands when a creepy werewolf asks the zombie detective to kill him. The fairy-dust-addicted P.I. must decide to become an assassin or allow dozens of innocent fairies to get devoured.

“This anthology gave me a chance to write a character my father rebooted in 1964,” says David Avallone, who has (literally) reanimated Nick Carter for a new adventure, “and bridge together two pieces of detective genre history that have been begging to be connected ever since…in a short story that should, if I’m successful, remind readers of the particular pulp fiction genius and madness of Michael Angelo Avallone”

“DEAD DETECTIVES SOCIETY is my pulpy passion project,” says editor James Aquilone. “With this annual anthology series I hope to expand the weird detective subgenre and have a blast while doing it.” Aquilone’s first two anthologies — both of which were crowdfunded on Kickstarter — recently won Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (Best Graphic Novel or Collection for KOLCHAK and Best Graphic Novel or Collection for CLASSIC MONSTERS UNLEASHED). Both books are also nominated for an Imadjinn Award this year, while KOLCHAK is up for the Best Graphic Novel Bram Stoker Award.

For updates, follow Monstrous Books on Twitter and Facebook. To support the project, visit Kickstarter.

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Nerd Notes (6/2/23)

The The’s This is the Day is one of my favorite songs, period and this cover is a lovely meloncholy version.

This FUNKO Pop Candy – Freddy Funko is pretty awesome.

A little video on bringing Adam Warlock and High Evolutionary from comics page to live action in GOTG 3.

AEW Fight Forever comes out at the end of the month, but they want you to pre-order now and the incentive is not one, but TWO Matt Hardy.

We don’t always watch Hot Ones but when we do we definitely watch. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was a great episode. As was the Jason Sudakeis one.

This film World’s Best features Utkarsh Ambudkar and he even helped write it so I’m interested indeed.

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Nerd Notes (5/30/23)

A super long and in some cases outdated but still important edition of Nerd Notes!

Very good friend of P-CS’s Pollo Del Mar aka Paul Pratt has put together an OFFICIAL magazine for the current incarnation of the National Wrestling Alliance. Designed to look like the sister magazine to pst PWI’s it is an excellent read for wrestling fans all over.

A recent episode of the D23 Podcast brought on the Electric Mayhem and I feel the show, and this podcast has plenty standing time to be enjoyed.

Tour footage of Sabrina Carpenter.

New AC game trailer with gameplay.

ICV2 did a long interview with Bud Plant, one of the earliest comic book store owners still going today. It is in written form and also in three videos. Really worth watching and reading.

Every Ashnikko video is magical.

This 12 minute video makes truly wish I had a PS5 but if I did I’d just spend all day playing this and doing nothing else.

Good music and visuals.

This long description of an experience known as the Belmond British Pullman Murder Mystery seems like a dream vacation indeed.


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PW U.S. Book Show Day 3: Adult & Children’s YA

This second in person day at U.S. Book Show was much more hectic but still as fun and exciting. With sessions and galleys on two different floors and each track featuring writers and talents of interest to PCS there was a lot of running back and forth between various rooms to learn and capture what I could and get as full a show as possible while knowing some sessions would get partially or fully missed along the way.

The offerings of galleys in the Adult track was intense. Here is just the table set-up followed by what I procured in both the Adult and Children’s/YA galleys. Some books presented in panel, others not and some books presented in panel but did not have an ARC available at show time.

My first panel of the day was best selling author Meg Wolizter talking with Lauren Grofff.

The main focus of the discussion was The Vaster Wilds (September 2023, Penguin Random House). They went over inspiration, research and much of the plot doing a great job of promoting for a book that should be truly a compelling read.

From there I went upstairs to the Children’s/YA panel of Big Books of Next Season for a short time.

The story of how Peter H. Reynolds  newest (coming soon) “All We Need Is Love and a Big Soft Pillow” (September 2023, Orchard/Scholastic) cocreated with his at the time 10 year old son adds so much to it and has me loving it so much more. Repeating it exact would be difficult so get a U.S. Book Show virtual pass to truly appreciate. The jist is that it built from the simpleness of a father and son sharing perfect quiet moments together and knowing all they need is each other, but the son saying ” and a…” and it going from there.

The other books on display here but which no ARC or promotional was provided were a new series from Melissa De La Cruz [The (Super Secret) Octagon Valley Society (September 2023, Disney Hyperion)], the final chapter of Karen M. McManus’ One of Us (this one is titled One of Us Is Back <July 2023, Delacorte>) and Salt The Walter by Candice Iloh [October 2023, Dutton Books for Young Readers] Candice is a strong black queer/LGBTQ+ voice when more are truly needed.

Next up at Adult was Big Books of Next Season.

The portion of the panel I mainly caught had Mitch Albom relay the anecdote of Duke Ellington being dropped from his label and finding out it was because he wasn’t selling, with Duke reacing “I make the music, it’s your to sell it!”. This was in relation to the fact that this also not really being true in music and definitely in being an author. Appaerances, marketing, etc. is as much the part of the job as writing the novel itself.

The books featured on the panel were as follows: Elizabeth AcevedoFamily Lore (August, Ecco), Mitch Albom Little Liar (November 2023, Harper), Alice McDermottAbsolution (November 2023, Farrar, Straus and Giroux), Kiley Reid – Come and Get It (Jan 2024, G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

Up next was Glory Edim, founder of Well-Read Black Girl in discussion with Sarah Jessica Parker (and the show to promote her imprint SLG Lit and only it) and the second author published by the imprint Kim Coleman Foote. Coleman’s book Coleman Hill (September 2023, SLG Lit). A very spirited conversation detailing the importance of the book and how the book came to be as well as SLG’s fight to get to publish it.

After this a long break was taken and needed. While it may seem like a lot, the working gears to get to the show in time and arrange and organize everything, especially as Press has lots of varying levels of excitement. Having a chance to just breath is very important.

Once time to get back to the show I knew that P-CS would be spending a fair share of time over at Children’s as their were sessions one after the other of personal interest as well as one definite Pop-Culture interest.

That pop-culture interest was a session with Kenny Curtis and Jillian Hughes of the Greeking Out podcast. They were there to speak about the book Greeking Out: Epic Retellings of Classic Greek Myths (September, National Geographic Kids) based on the podcast which is a full circle as the podcast is based on a podcast.

Next was Ryan La Sala in a discussion with writer and editor David Levithan. I absolutely loved Ryan’s The Honeys and I am equally excited to read this horror book BEHOLDER (October 2023, Scholastic).

Next up on stage was Vichet Chum, a playwright to discuss his debut novel Kween (October 2023, Quill Tree Books). What I find very fascinated by is that Kween will soon also be workshopped as a play.

I had to head back down to the Adult track to hear Tess Gerritsen tells stories. While she was there to speak The Spy Coast (October 2023, Thomas & Mercer), she also just told wonderful stories about Maine and the community that inspired the novel. The inspiraration for the novel itself sounds almost like a better story, a community full of retired CIA agents. The novel has already been optioned for Amazon Studios, so many a show can combine the books ideas and the inspiration.

From there it was off to meet Matthew Gray Gubler before his non-moderated, power point presentation. Gubler dressed up was the most amazing thing. He’s a pure true joy. You seen it in his previous book but to see him be this infectious and so different than any role he’s known for other than slightly his documentary work and talk show appearances.

The powerpoint to promote his Little Kid with the Big Green Hand (September 2023, Amulet) was a wonderful hilarious affair. One of the presentations that honestly I feel the energy did not translate from in person to video, but I also was there live so it is hard for me to make a proper comparison.

At a point in all the running around I had also gotten to hear former TV writer Patty Lin talking about her memoir End Credits (September 2023, Zibby Books). Her story especially now in the midst of the 2023 WGA Strike seems very important even as it is personal to her experience.

Finally to close out the In-person sessions at the entirety of the 2023 U.S. Book Show were Keegan Michael Key and Elle Key to present their book The History of Sketch Comedy (Octobve

Based on their podcast of the same name  the book is memoir, education, and comedy all rolled in one. In my short time with an ARC I learned stuff, agreed with stuff and more. We are currently reading a book on BOOM Chicago which is part of the book as well and look forward to getting the BOOM book to read about it from their end.

As a whole the U.S. Book Show offered an experience completely original to itself. A small focused program open to the public if they chose to be involved with a smattering of both major celebrities and literary ones. For it to be bigger it would be a different show and could only happen with the backing of the publishing houses and a proper venue and a way for it to be finacially viable as well. For now I hope the U.S. Book Show continues as it really is a great opportunity for folks in New York, librarians, fans, readers and industry to get together outside of ALA.

ADDENDUM: The official number of  registrants for the U.S. Book Show including virtual and in-person was 4,210. In terms of virtual this is way lower than it deserved to be, the Virtual experience offers opportunites itself in exclusive computer arcs, contact with publicity and industry people and a chance to even meet fellow fans in a hub built and designed around the love of books. As I hope the in-person show continues I equally see the promise that a virtual show allows and can continue to allow into the future.

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PW U.S. Book Show Day 2: Comics & Graphic Novels

The second and third of the hybrid Virtual/In-Person 4 day U.S. Book Show were lively in person sessions with amazing galleys to score, intimate but well attended sessions promoting the books, and authors who were open to meeting and greeting fans, librarians, industry and press alike. While there were no booths, it easy to engage with guests and if desired get your galleys signed. Many of my galleys were sitting in a press room so I could sit comfortably but I did get my copy of OCCULTED signed as well as the Dracula Motherfucker. I’ve known Ryan Estrada via online for 24 years and it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person. There were other nice surprises of industry folks I did not know would be in attendance in advance, so that added to the enjoyment.

The first session of the day was Roz Chast discussing her up coming “I Must Be Dreaming” from Bloomsbury (scheduled for October 2023) with fellow cartoonist Emily Flake. In a fun and spirited discussion they spoke of dreams themselves and the most common that have afflicted them such as teeth, high school nightmares and even murder, including of their own children. It sounds horrific but it was hilarious and you should get yourself the VOD of the show to hear it yourself while you.

Next up activist and librarian Stephanie Anderson moderated a chat promoting what are considered the Big Books of Next Season. A very diverse selection of amazing stories. It was also a diverse conversation speaking of different viewpoints, differernt storytelling, processes, and backgrounds. All four books truly worth your time, money and energy to invest and discover more.

Ryan Estrada and Jeongmin Lee bring Amy Rose’s harrowing story of forced cult lifestyle as a youth in the very strong, powerful story OCCULTED (out June 2023 from Iron Circus Books in conjuction with Consortium). One that left me with wanting more.  Luckily there  is this little short story by Amy and Ryan on of all places the official Star Trek website that illuminates more facts but yet still lets me know there’s even MORE story to be had.

Pedro Martin’s MEXIKID (August 2023, Dial Books, a PRH Imprint) is a stunning and fun memoir. The art is quirky and cute, but also has parts which action packed comic art and sections with heavily detailed backgrounds. There’s even a recipe and a photo family album at the end.

I do not have an ARC of Curlfriends (October 2023, Little, Brown) to truly get a feel for the interiors, but Sharee Miller has been making amazing and important Children’s books for years. To know there is a graphic novel feautring a diverse group of black female teenagers that will not just speak to those teenagers but show others the diversity of personalties that exist is so important and wonderful.

I have been a fan of George O’Connor‘s Olypians series since its inception. It entertains while it educates on classic myth. As much as I like Greek myth (I’m queer, was a theater major and studied The Illiad in college), I LOVE Norse mythology so seeing George tackling Asgaridans, and first with Odin is just wonderful. ASGARDIANS: Odin is out November 2023 from First Second.

The third session of the day was Chuck D. in discussion with noted journalist Kelefa Sanneh. They discussed his June release STEWDIO: The Naphic Grovel ARTrilogy from Akashic Boos. Chuck is a unsurprisingly great at promoting himself and his work and Kelefa was an amazing moderator/interviewer.

During the interview Chuck made a big point of promoting Kelefa as well.  So I reccomend checking out his New Yorker articles but also his book Major Labels. During the session, Chuck’s long time performance partner Flavor Flav also showed up and there was no way I was passing up the chance to get a selfie with two members of the legendary hiphop group Public Enemy.

After this there was break with catered food and plenty drinks. It also allowed a  chance to stretch and for me to get this view which I got lost in.

This rest was much needed and meant missing two panels but which I would be remiss to mention as like with all these sessions you can still watch via VOD.

Aidyn Arroyal, aka Snailords, in conversation with Bobbie Chase about the collected Freaking Romance (Webtoon Unscrolled, September)

Stephen Graham Jones in Conversation with Alex Segura about Earthdivers, Vol. 1 (IDW, September)

I came back in time for the Adult Big Books session, actually seeing Mattie Lubchansky as they headed towards the elevator from the 9th floor where the press room was down to where the Comics sessions were being held.

This was another very spirited session. In discussion as per the books themselves were identity, process, book banning, development and more. Unfortunately other than issue #1 of James Tynion’s W0rldTr33 was available as material but hearing about each of these books made me want to read them and add them to my library and trust me, so do you.

Boys Weekend by the afore mentioned Mattie Lubchansky is an unusual horror during a bachelor party in which the transexual lead works with their fellow friends to discover some mystery. It sounds like a perfect platform to discuss multiple subjects.

WORM (November 2023, Metropolitan books) is the debut graphic novel from long time and noted painter and illustrator Edel Rodriguez. A memoir detailing his early youth in Cuba and travel to America through troubled turbulent politically fueled times. He was told by his family that the book would probably mean he’ll never get to return to Cuba in the future. A great side note, Edel’s teenage child was at the show and doing amazing ink drawings and he also had his own cameraman so hopefully that’ll make a great little documentary.

ROAMING (September 2023, Drawn & Quarterly) is the latest from Jillian Tamaki. This book is a little different than prior ones. While her cousin Mariko helped co-write it, this one is definitely more a Jillian solo creation devised from ideas and dreams during the pandemic. She had a plan to visit NY for reference but instead it became built on memory and the internet and this fascinates me cause from the pages we saw on the panel showed this is going to be a visual feast as well a great read.

W0rldTr33 (Collected edition November 2023, Image) is currently being published monthly. It is the latest from James Tynion IV who as stated by him is also now a different writer than he has been after a full identiy discovery and acceptance of himself. I feel artist Fernando Blanco’s statement from his Twitter profile page (as of this writing) about W0rldTr33 says a lot. “After a long and satisfying career, finally I’m drawing the kind of book always wanted to make: W0rldtr33”

Next up was a short session on The Prophet: A Graphic Novel Adaptation. (June 2023, Graphic Mundi)

While not the first time Kahil Gibran’s novel has been adapted in graphic novel form, Lewis’ version seems to tackle the material in new and intriguing ways and Justin Rentería’s art gives it a very special feel. The way A. David Lewis  spoke about the book on the panel made me really curious to see it all laid out in front of my eyes.

The last panel before the closing keynote was noted and accomplished editor behind some of the greatest comics ever Joan Hilty in discussion with writer/director Alex De Campi on her upcoming Parasocial (October 2023, Image).  Featuring art from her Dracula Motherfucker co-creator Erica Henderson this books promises to be awesome. Also to quote comics David López per the panel “Wow, @joanhilty and @alexdecampi together??? That’s too much badassery.”

Finally to close out the festivities of Day 2  we had Heidi Macdonald of The Beat interviewing Jeff Smith and Tillie Walden.

Jeff Smith spoke not only of his upcoming Bone: More Tall Tales (September 2023, Scholastic) but his self-published book TUKI, and the history Bone. As well as Heidi’s history with Bone having been with Disney Adventures magazine when Bone was first printed in color and went from little indie to a property known by millions.While Tille Walden presented upon the second volume of the very popular Clementine ( October 2023, Skybound/Image). Based upon and continuing the story told in the video game series of The Walking Dead originally developed by by Telltale and now published by Skybound Games. Tillie is working on Vol 3 BUT she also is developing another important project of her first child which she happily mentioned during the panel.

Before the panel ended Heidi made sure we saw this amazing sketch Ryan Estrada had done earlier combining BONE and his very popular BANNED BOOK CLUB. Amazingly BONE is one of the most banned books there are.

The second day ended with an amazing reception sponsored by Astra Books for Young Readers, Scholastic, Skybound, and Viz. It was open bar (wine and IPA beer) and hors’d voures. Unfortunately P-CS had to leave early because of extreme high sensitivty to shell fish but it was definitely a lively affair and a welcome addition to the show and proper ending to the panels and day 2 of the show.


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U.S. Book Show 2023: Ads and quick notes from day 1

The upcoming line of original non-continuity DC books looks amazing. Do not miss out on books like Clark & Lex or Young Alfred.

Learning about Banned Books and the efforts from librarians, advocates and activists to combat against this horrible, wasteful and damaging current trend that only seems to be growing was interesting indeed.

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Cyan makes Mind-Bending Games (now and forever)

FIRMAMENT, currently out on Steam and GOG is as beautiful as it is difficult. Which is to say… a lot. I had the game for a week before it came out (DISCLAIMER), tried to beat on my own… failed. Read the walkthrough and got some confused that I decided that someone with a clearer head than mine would truly tackle it. The puzzles are not illogical, they aren’t a chore, they’re well thought out and clever, just like previous CYAN games. They’re just truly puzzles designed for the puzzle mind. Sometimes we are that and other times we stare at the screen confused even with the solution.  Look at the game though, it is beautiful.

(this screen shot from the devs, the two below made by playthrough)

While this review seems short and basic, the story itself at first seems so too, but the more you hear the voice of your guide in the game, the deeper it feels. It makes you want to propel to the end to get all the answers… even if it can be a struggle.

I reccomend it if you have patience, or even if you want to just zen out at the imagery even while completely lost and confused, it’s THAT pretty.

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