Shadows Can Help in Moving (SCHiM Game Review)

I truly love slice of life, real stories of just us… the average human being living the difficult life that we live. Being fired, buying pizza, getting lost in the rain, finding yourself. At the center of SCHiM this is what you really get. It starts feeling zen, simple, relaxing with a minimalist monochromatic like a moving visual novel with a cute platforming mechanic and for a few levels it really feels that way. The difficulty goes up a little, but not by much as you also feel your heart strings get pulled as the story told moves along.

Then suddenly you are in a platformer. You are timing jumps, getting lost, getting turned around, you don’t know where to go or what to do. Every time you think you’re that much closer to happiness it gets swept away and you’re chasing it. I honestly was caught off guard by how quickly the challenge upped. I was gleefully jumping along from position to position and then… the world just changed. Lights flickered, shadows moved. This is NOT a bad thing, it made SCHiM something totally different than what I was experiencing though.

One of the most fun things though is interactive with the world and discovering what you can interact with and how it reacts. The dog barks, the cat meows, the bird flies, garbage drops out of cans, balls bounce, cars honk, ducks too… it’s so much fun and this is where the zen exists and stays existing. To have this dichotomy of such a zen experience that also becomes a difficult and challenging platformer is what I feel makes SCHiM so worth the time and energy you’d put into it.

Here’s the launch day accolades trailer:

Be aware that while SCHiM is available NOW on SteamXbox One/Series X|SPlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch for $24.99 (regional prices will vary) with a 10% launch discount on Steam & the Nintendo eShop for a limited time it also will be getting a physical release from iam8bit on PS5, PS4 and Switch.

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The Alters Challenges Players To Consider Many of Life’s ‘What If’ Scenarios in Compelling New Trailer

Warsaw, Poland – July 11th, 2024 — Many people often ponder, “What if I had chosen differently? What if I had seized another opportunity or followed an alternate path instead of the one I took?” This omnipresent question is often central to our lives. Along his thought-provoking journey in 11 bit studios’ upcoming sci-fi game, The Alters, protagonist Jan Dolski will discover concrete answers to many of his very own ‘what ifs’ of life.

Those answers will come in the form of the alters, his embodied alternative personalities. While he shares many physical features and certain memories—both pleasant and unpleasant—with them, other aspects of their lives vary greatly. These differences lead to some alters being more confident, happier, or more fulfilled than Jan or the other alters. Additionally, each alter may possess distinct skills the others lack, which will be necessary to operate and maintain a stranded circular base. After unexpected mission complications, Jan seeks their help, even though many may not comprehend how he could be so cruel to bring them to life only to inform them of the grave danger they all face.

Stranded on a planet with a deadly, scorching sun that necessitates constant relocation of the mobile base he lives in, and with the data of all deceased crew members missing from the base’s onboard Quantum Computer after a crash landing, Jan is left with no options. Upon discovering an eerie resource called Rapidium, he must alter pivotal decisions that shaped his life—such as whether to leave for university or stay in his hometown to care for his sick mother—and confront the consequences, all in an effort to save all of his lives.

The Alters will launch later this year for Windows 11 PC and consoles. The game will also be coming to both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass upon its release.

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Photo credit: Lachlan Mcgilvray

New York, NY (June 14, 2024) – Australia-based indie rock band Surf Trashis announcing their debut full-length album, The Only Place I Know, available September 13. The announcement comes on the heels of their nostalgia driven new single “Healin The Feelin”,  which is out now across all digital streaming platforms.

The twelve tracks, celebrated across two sides, is truly a mixed bag of indie and alternative rock, yet each song has its own identity, embedded with dynamic grooves and feels. While a number of the tracks might have more serious undertones, there is also a significant amount of stand-outs tunes filled with big choruses, feel-good lyrics and melodies. The overall theme of the album is strung together beautifully, touching on relatable moments such as noticing how fast time goes on, the feeling of being young, and childhood innocence.

Surf Trash’s lead vocalist/drummer, Andrew Scott shares “Everything felt fresh. During those couple of weeks in the studio, we paid close attention to making each track feel unique in character and groove. It was a mission to ensure all the tracks felt different, yet belonged together. Sonically, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever written and recorded before. We spent a lot of time perfecting the endings, changing tempos from section to section and having a clear vision of how we wanted this project to sound and feel. It all just felt right.”

According to Surf Trash’s drummer/lead vocalist, Andrew Scott, the single “Healin The Feelin” came together just as they were getting ready to enter the studio to record the album, nearly missing an opportunity to make it on the record. During a live rehearsal, guitarist Lachlan “Jacko” Jackson presented the idea and the quartet fleshed out the track very quickly.


Brothers Andrew & Nicholas Scott were exposed to music very early on. As children, they watched their dad perform in an Australian underground rock band called ‘The Fools’ who were active during the 1990s. Listening to tour stories and hearing original music, he introduced them to many different genres. The two became obsessed with everything from the band’s album covers, how they recorded their music, who wrote the songs, what gear was used and more.

The Only Place I Know track listing:

Side A:

1. First One

2. Cellar

3. Spice It Up

4. In The Loop

5. Restless

6. Healin The Feelin

Side B:

1. Psycho System

2. Seek The Silence

3. Can’t Beat The Sound

4. Hello Again

5. Old Place By The Moon

6. Tappin Into Magic

The album was recorded on the Central Coast of New South Wales, at producer Jack Nigro’s Sonara Studios.

Surf Trash is Andrew Scott (Drums/ Lead Vocals) Lachlan Jackson (Guitar) Patrick Russell (Guitar) and Nick Scott (Bass).

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Nerd Notes Special: Summerfest+ Games Edition 2024

In no particular order here are trailers from Summerfest, Day of the Devs, Wholesome, XBox Games Showcase, etc. of June 7th-10th that excited me either by game play, animations of cut-scenes or something else. Some will be games I would not play but loved the trailer, while others will be things I am very excited to experience and see others experience as well.

Demo now available
Anazingly cute, demo did a great job selling this,
I remember playing this when it came out but I can’t remember if I liked it or not but I assume it was great or they wouldn’t spend money on this.
I won’t play this since it’s a mobile game but the trailer is awesome.
Looks so fun!
I already kickstarted this and I love its becoming something more.
I might not play .skate but this campaign rules.
Love Davey!
All these games look great
I want this as a Live action series, but the game? meh.
This game might be good but I just really love the animation cut scenes.
Great commercial, great looking game. Love this.
Nothing but the hits.
Visually compelling.
Wish this was on PS5.
This better not actually be a XBone/PC exclusive… will be very upset.
Oh this looks cool.
Great teaser
Amazing ad!
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Five Points Fest 2024 Paint Fight Schedule

Get ready for an explosion of color and creativity at this weekend’s Five Points Fest!

The annual Paint Fight is back, and it’s bigger and bolder than ever. With the 2023 champion, Skatchface, returning to defend his title, the competition is set to be fierce.

Clear your schedule for Saturday, June 8th – you won’t want to miss a second of the action!

 Saturday, June 8th:

  • 12-1pm: Skatchface vs Rob Mounier
  • 1-2pm: Alex Smith vs RZP
  • 2-3pm: Bear Brains vs Pinkgabbercat
  • 3-4pm: Vincent Scala vs Buckaroni
  • 4-5pm: Dead Beat City vs Ninobuni

How it works:

Each Paint Fight winner will be determined by YOUR cheers and applause. Your favorite artist needs your voice, so come ready to make some NOISE! After the initial five battles, a judging panel will select the top TWO artists to compete in the PAINT FIGHT! FINAL.

Don’t miss the grand finale! Get Tickets now!

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Nerd News (6/6/24)

Life/Stuff Update: Mother is still at rehab, while we both feel she could come home they have for some reason not given a discharge. I do not want to disrupt her recovery or insurance issues as much as I want her home. It is a stressful situation which I am doing my best to handle while staying mentally stable.

This weekend is Five Points Festival as well as Brookyn Comic Con. I have gratefully been provided a Press Pass to 5Points but have not heard back from BCC. The conventions this year are in actual realistic can do both walking range this year, but I do not know if I will attend without even a “please purchase a ticket” response for their PR team.

Last week I attended the White Label Expo as well as the Franchise Expo for one day. I had planned a large report on White Label but that event was not what I had pre-planned as many of the vendors scheduled for the show were suddenly no longer part of it. I still plan a small article based on one detail from White Label and a few “discoveries” as Franchise pertaining to the the food end of Pop-Culture.

AND NOW Youtube Links!

Based on the Tony DiTerlizzi (co-creator of Spiderwick) series this looks like a fun faithful adaptation.
This could be a very interesting sequel that goes unexpected places that I hope they hide in trailers.
This docu-series feels like it’ll be blunt and truthful in directing a finger at everyone. Who killed WCW? Everyone did… everyone.
Pharrell is the ear worm… telling his story in this style is fantastic.
I have a personal history with both Lewis and David. I have been loving this podcast but these two together talking life, and history? Yes.
Great song, fantastic dancer.
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Five Points Fest 2024 (Official Press Release)

For my 2023 coverage of Five Points Festival look on Instagram, @reidhcooper and the link below:

Unlock Your Creative Potential at Five Points Festival 2024: Where Artistry Knows No Bounds and Community Flourishes!

New York, NY – May 30, 2024 – Get ready for a weekend of creativity, camaraderie, and non-stop excitement as Five Points Festival returns to Brooklyn’s Zero Space on June 8-9th, 2024! Proudly presented by Clutter Magazine, celebrating 20 years of industry leadership, Five Points Fest is the East Coast’s premier destination for Designer Toys and Alternative culture.

Since its inception in 2017, Five Points Fest has been a beacon for tastemakers, misfits, and rebels from around the globe, converging in the heart of New York City to celebrate the best in Designer Toys, Street Art, and Indie Comics. This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, featuring a curated lineup of artists and vendors showcasing their latest creations and pushing the boundaries of commercial and counterculture art.

But Five Points Fest is more than just a convention—it’s a community united by a passion for collecting and creativity. Here, attendees have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level, sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and forging lifelong friendships amidst a backdrop of crazy monsters, bizarre creatures, and pop culture perversions.


Event Details:

  • Dates: June 8-9, 2024
  • Location: Zero Space, 345 Butler St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Tickets: Available now on our website

Festival Schedule:

  • Saturday, June 8th: 11am – 6pm (10am for VIP ticket holders)
  • Kaiju Big Battel: 8pm
  • Sunday, June 9th: 11am – 5pm (10am for VIP ticket holders)

Ticket Prices:

  • Saturday Only Admission: $40*
  • Sunday Only Admission: $30*
  • Weekend Pass: $50*
  • VIP Pass: $130 (*Prices will increase at the door).

Five Points Festival is not your average convention. It’s a curated celebration of tastemakers, misfits, and rebels, featuring the following highlights 

  • Exclusive Guests: With over 200 vendors, meet industry icons like Luke Chueh, Akamatsu, Ron English, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Marusan Toys, Mumbot, Dead Beat City, Muffinman, and many more!
  • Tattoo Experiences:  In partnership with Brooklyn’s Good Luck NYC, we are excited to offer tattooing services throughout the weekend. Talented artists Henbo Henning, Kati Vaughn, and Justin Weatherholtz will be available to create custom tattoos inspired by Japanese and Oriental traditions. Prices range from $300-$500. To book an appointment, email Walk-ups are welcome depending on availability.
  • Community Building: Forge lasting connections, lifelong friendships, and share in the passion for collecting and creativity amidst a backdrop of vibrant artistry. An environment where collectors and creators can share stories, ideas, and forge
  • KCBC Craft Beer: Quench your thirst with exclusive craft beers from KCBC (Kings County Brewers Collective), with specially branded cans by 5 of our top artists [HENBO, SkatchFace, Czee13, 5thTurtle and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore], exclusively available for Five Points Festival attendees to enjoy alongside the festivities.
  • Craft Beer and Food Trucks: Enjoy curated craft beers and unique food options, including vegan NYC Pizza, Kinky Tacos and More!

Special Events:

  • Kaiju Big Battel: Experience the spectacle of giant monsters battling it out in the style of professional wrestling! Celebrating 30 years of ghastly giants and massive monsters, Kaiju Big Battel promises an evening of awe-inspiring entertainment.
  • Gundam Build Experience: Dive into the world of Gundam with a special build event sponsored by Level 9 Shop! Space is limited, so sign up now to secure your spot and unleash your inner mech enthusiast.
  • Epic Paint-Off: Ten Artists, One Champion – Who Will Be the Five Points Festival Paint Fight Brewser? Prepare for an electrifying showdown as ten talented artists compete in six rounds of intense paint-offs. Witness audience-powered judging and expert panel selections, culminating in THE FINAL BATTLE where the victor earns ultimate bragging rights and the opportunity to design a KCBC beer label for next year!
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Nerd Notes (5/30/2024)

Life Update first:

Mother is still in rehab. Scheduled for surgery follow up on 5/31. Then the weekend comes so no discharge till June 3rd at the earliest. It has been rough and stressful. Shows, games and other adventures such as Franchise Expo has kept us afloat while drowning. Now a bunch of trailers and excitement since the last Nerd Notes. It’s been an exciting week.

Andrew McCarthy, one of the brats himself previously wrote a memoir of his experience. Making a full documentary where he got all the brats and more to talk on it? Sweet.
Another Imagine Dragons masterpiece.
Some of my favorites and some of my friends wrestled on this so I must share this great charity show.
This looks weird. I like weird.
New Miike Snow!
I’m happy this world/universe gets to continue while respecting what came before.
This commercial for new Voice AU 2024 is epic.
Big movie trailer of the week, a Brad Pitt/George Clooney team.
More than just Astro’s Playroom!!!!!!!
First announced in 2022, with the new Bloober Games remake, it seems Christope Gans adaptation will finally see light too.
new Crowded House!

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Nerd News (5/22/24): A BIG REPORT

On 5/8/22 PC-S mother had to be admitted into the hospital on emergency. Surgery was done on Thursday and she was then not healthy enough to be transported to a Rehab center on 5/15. These circumstances cause great stress and a lack of reporting on this site as well as even on social medias, although attempts were made for those were stress relievers. As of this date Mother is still in rehab with no discharge date. She is recovering but slowly. For the sake of my (PC-S) mind set one of my second longest term friends, the daughter of the friend I visited earlier this year in September is visiting this week, so much time has been dedicated to her as well as to mother. With that said, here is some “Nerd” news of trailers, music videos and the like of recent times that you may or may have not missed in a chronological particular order starting back to 5/9.

I saw this trailer before LudoNarracon but did not play the demo till it. A LudoNarraon article was planned but as you know things happened. Below is a quick review of that demo.

Time loop games seem to be the current jam these days bit when done right they are fun, exciting and worthwhile and in the demo for this game I came away wanting more. There is no voice acting, but the writing is strong enough and makes sense that reading is a pleasure. The mechanics are wonderful. The demo ends at just the right moment of giving you plenty taste of what there is and what more there is to come that I was left wanting it now. The art is also pretty wonderful in its black and white hand drawn cartoon noir.

The next three music videos are not only great songs but aethestically pleasing and well made. There truly is something for ALMOST everyone in these two videos… I say ALMOST as the world and tastes are quite diverse.

This KFC ad is not for America but it’s wild and I’d be all over this flavor wise. The US has had Cheetos x KFC but it was a sandwich and also didn’t have this cool campaign commercial.
Another South Park Special! I do hope this one hits harder than the last, although it’ll be definitely hard for them to ever follow up what they’ve done prior to this, but the jokes must be deeper to be a special instead of a new season.
This looks fascinating.
Nash Edgerton and team did incredible work on this music video. If you don’t know I have personal history with Ben Lee. One of my best colleagues and friends Fritz Donnelly even did a music video with him once.
New weekly fun wrestling content with the great (ly annoying but lovable) RJ City and the wonderful Renee Paquette with food as well and special guests and AEW history.
The old school 90s vibes of this new Billie Eilish in both song and video are indeed vibes.
Still excited/interested in the new Bad Boys.
The latest podcast recording I’ve done. This time with 1DP’s commentator David Glynn.
Speaking of wrestling. Alpha-1’s 5/19/24 show is a not miss.
This makes me want an Apple Vision Pro for sure.
2023 AND 2024 (with its PS4/PS5 release) Dave The Diver isn’t done. The Godzilla DLC looks amazing… like an entire new level and story, not just a random extra.
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QubicGames Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Grand Steam Debut!

15 MAY 2024 – To mark its 20th anniversary, QubicGames, a leading company in the gaming industry, is bringing a curated selection of its top titles to the Steam platform on May 20th, giving players a chance to experience some of their best titles, this time on PC.

From addictive puzzle adventures with millions of downloads worldwide to heart-pounding action, there’s something for everyone in this special anniversary line-up.

Titles like, 2, Johnny Trigger, Helix Jump and Run Sausage Run headline the pack, but there are over 20 titles available for you to wishlist, with more to come soon!

As part of the celebration, QubicGames will be offering an exclusive Steam promotion, allowing gamers to purchase their favorite titles at irresistible prices. There will even be a bundle with 20 titles which players can purchase for less than $20!

Prepare to swallow people whole in, paint the map in your own colour in 2, drop down a spiral staircase in Helix Jump, perform bullet-time stunts in Johnny Trigger or… if that’s not silly enough for you, you can help your little sausage friend survive the craziest obstacle courses in Run Sausage Run!

And that’s just a small taste of the full collection of games celebrating the 20th Anniversary of QubicGames. Check out the full list below:

Hole io, Paper io 2, Mob Control, Golf Guys, Helix Jump, The Nom, Infantry Attack, Bucket Crusher, Sausage Wars, Amaze, Dig Deep, Astro Miner, Run Sausage Run, ASMR Slicing, Light It Up, Aquarium Land, Pocket Mini Golf, Pocket Mini Golf 2, Johnny Trigger, Johnny Trigger: Sniper

QubicGames Publisher Page on Steam:

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