Nerd Notes (5/30/2024)

Life Update first:

Mother is still in rehab. Scheduled for surgery follow up on 5/31. Then the weekend comes so no discharge till June 3rd at the earliest. It has been rough and stressful. Shows, games and other adventures such as Franchise Expo has kept us afloat while drowning. Now a bunch of trailers and excitement since the last Nerd Notes. It’s been an exciting week.

Andrew McCarthy, one of the brats himself previously wrote a memoir of his experience. Making a full documentary where he got all the brats and more to talk on it? Sweet.
Another Imagine Dragons masterpiece.
Some of my favorites and some of my friends wrestled on this so I must share this great charity show.
This looks weird. I like weird.
New Miike Snow!
I’m happy this world/universe gets to continue while respecting what came before.
This commercial for new Voice AU 2024 is epic.
Big movie trailer of the week, a Brad Pitt/George Clooney team.
More than just Astro’s Playroom!!!!!!!
First announced in 2022, with the new Bloober Games remake, it seems Christope Gans adaptation will finally see light too.
new Crowded House!

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