Nerd News (5/22/24): A BIG REPORT

On 5/8/22 PC-S mother had to be admitted into the hospital on emergency. Surgery was done on Thursday and she was then not healthy enough to be transported to a Rehab center on 5/15. These circumstances cause great stress and a lack of reporting on this site as well as even on social medias, although attempts were made for those were stress relievers. As of this date Mother is still in rehab with no discharge date. She is recovering but slowly. For the sake of my (PC-S) mind set one of my second longest term friends, the daughter of the friend I visited earlier this year in September is visiting this week, so much time has been dedicated to her as well as to mother. With that said, here is some “Nerd” news of trailers, music videos and the like of recent times that you may or may have not missed in a chronological particular order starting back to 5/9.

I saw this trailer before LudoNarracon but did not play the demo till it. A LudoNarraon article was planned but as you know things happened. Below is a quick review of that demo.

Time loop games seem to be the current jam these days bit when done right they are fun, exciting and worthwhile and in the demo for this game I came away wanting more. There is no voice acting, but the writing is strong enough and makes sense that reading is a pleasure. The mechanics are wonderful. The demo ends at just the right moment of giving you plenty taste of what there is and what more there is to come that I was left wanting it now. The art is also pretty wonderful in its black and white hand drawn cartoon noir.

The next three music videos are not only great songs but aethestically pleasing and well made. There truly is something for ALMOST everyone in these two videos… I say ALMOST as the world and tastes are quite diverse.

This KFC ad is not for America but it’s wild and I’d be all over this flavor wise. The US has had Cheetos x KFC but it was a sandwich and also didn’t have this cool campaign commercial.
Another South Park Special! I do hope this one hits harder than the last, although it’ll be definitely hard for them to ever follow up what they’ve done prior to this, but the jokes must be deeper to be a special instead of a new season.
This looks fascinating.
Nash Edgerton and team did incredible work on this music video. If you don’t know I have personal history with Ben Lee. One of my best colleagues and friends Fritz Donnelly even did a music video with him once.
New weekly fun wrestling content with the great (ly annoying but lovable) RJ City and the wonderful Renee Paquette with food as well and special guests and AEW history.
The old school 90s vibes of this new Billie Eilish in both song and video are indeed vibes.
Still excited/interested in the new Bad Boys.
The latest podcast recording I’ve done. This time with 1DP’s commentator David Glynn.
Speaking of wrestling. Alpha-1’s 5/19/24 show is a not miss.
This makes me want an Apple Vision Pro for sure.
2023 AND 2024 (with its PS4/PS5 release) Dave The Diver isn’t done. The Godzilla DLC looks amazing… like an entire new level and story, not just a random extra.
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