Friends & More

The following list is in no particular order and is not separated by genre, so just check them all out, its worth it.

Mike Dawson: Comics Creator, best known for Gabagool with Chris Radtke,  FREDDIE & ME and Troop 142 as well as the Podcast INK PANTHERS

Martha Cooper: Photographer, Graffiti and Street Art Historian

Steve Harrington and Jaimie Rojo: Writer and Photographer behind the  Brooklyn Streetart Blog

HiChristina! – Performance Art/Fashion Gurus/Event Planners

Rich Watson: Cartoonist and Writer of the blog Wide Screen World

Mike Sterling: Comic shop owner and writer of the blog Progressive Ruin

Post Modern Barney: Another excellent comics and culture blog

Laura Lee Gulledge: Artist and storyteller of Page by Paige and more.

Comics Alliance: Way more than just comics like most comics websites.

The Beat: Actually mostly comics journalism, but great comics journalism from the likes of Heidi McDonald and Torsten Adair

Popped Culture: A blog that focuses on finding amazing pop culture mashups in comic book, illustration and animation.  Doogie Howser done like Futurama, Charles Schultz Peanuts done in the style of Monet, LOST in the style of Calvin and Hobbes, they find it.

A Sam and Max Blog by their creator Steve Purcell

Newgrounds: Where I find all my favorite flash cartoons and games

Favourite Website Awards – The FWA: Where I find my other favorite flash toons, games and other fun websites

DVD Talk: A great site to know if that blu-ray/DVD is worth buying for the extras and high production values on a transfer or if you should download the movie somewhere and make your own DVD.