Art Portfolio

A sampling of art and graphics I’ve done throughout the years. Most of the pieces were created using original photography of mine.

A Bowie toon

Everett Connors sketch

Theo Ivory

A recreation of my favorite scene in Addams Family 2

Zicky Dice

An original make up design for Thunder Rosa

A digital painting of Jimmy Jacobs with a specially designed T-shirt and Zombie Princess Railroad Spike necklace

Sketch collage from original photographs of some the roster of the company I work for, Brii Combination Wrestling, in capacity as production supervisor.

Fun fan poster I made for Forza Lucha #6. a once a year charity show I am proud to support

Fan made poster for Hoodslam’s Entertaina 2018

Darius Carter as imaginary champion of multiple companies.

Snarf from Too Many Cooks=Too Many Snarfs

Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket

Tom Scharpling as real life Mr. Universe from Steven Universe. (He is the voice)

Wil Wheaton as his character Curtis from the video game Broken Age

Lucha Underground’s Rabbit Tribe (Murte with original T-shirt design inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

TNA’s Eli Drake (formerly Shaun Ricker)

Chris Dickinson of Beyond, EVOLVE and many more fame.

tribute heads for Chikara’s 2014 season finale.

Sonny with a Kiss with an original gear design

Missile Assault Man as a playing card (full original concept).