Nerd News (6/6/24)

Life/Stuff Update: Mother is still at rehab, while we both feel she could come home they have for some reason not given a discharge. I do not want to disrupt her recovery or insurance issues as much as I want her home. It is a stressful situation which I am doing my best to handle while staying mentally stable.

This weekend is Five Points Festival as well as Brookyn Comic Con. I have gratefully been provided a Press Pass to 5Points but have not heard back from BCC. The conventions this year are in actual realistic can do both walking range this year, but I do not know if I will attend without even a “please purchase a ticket” response for their PR team.

Last week I attended the White Label Expo as well as the Franchise Expo for one day. I had planned a large report on White Label but that event was not what I had pre-planned as many of the vendors scheduled for the show were suddenly no longer part of it. I still plan a small article based on one detail from White Label and a few “discoveries” as Franchise pertaining to the the food end of Pop-Culture.

AND NOW Youtube Links!

Based on the Tony DiTerlizzi (co-creator of Spiderwick) series this looks like a fun faithful adaptation.
This could be a very interesting sequel that goes unexpected places that I hope they hide in trailers.
This docu-series feels like it’ll be blunt and truthful in directing a finger at everyone. Who killed WCW? Everyone did… everyone.
Pharrell is the ear worm… telling his story in this style is fantastic.
I have a personal history with both Lewis and David. I have been loving this podcast but these two together talking life, and history? Yes.
Great song, fantastic dancer.
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