Nerd Notes Special: Summerfest+ Games Edition 2024

In no particular order here are trailers from Summerfest, Day of the Devs, Wholesome, XBox Games Showcase, etc. of June 7th-10th that excited me either by game play, animations of cut-scenes or something else. Some will be games I would not play but loved the trailer, while others will be things I am very excited to experience and see others experience as well.

Demo now available
Anazingly cute, demo did a great job selling this,
I remember playing this when it came out but I can’t remember if I liked it or not but I assume it was great or they wouldn’t spend money on this.
I won’t play this since it’s a mobile game but the trailer is awesome.
Looks so fun!
I already kickstarted this and I love its becoming something more.
I might not play .skate but this campaign rules.
Love Davey!
All these games look great
I want this as a Live action series, but the game? meh.
This game might be good but I just really love the animation cut scenes.
Great commercial, great looking game. Love this.
Nothing but the hits.
Visually compelling.
Wish this was on PS5.
This better not actually be a XBone/PC exclusive… will be very upset.
Oh this looks cool.
Great teaser
Amazing ad!
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