Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship – Remastered – Beloved title returns with enhanced graphics and heads to Xbox for the first time

Befriend a black stallion and explore the beautiful world of Kaltenbach on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC with updated graphics and animation

Amstelveen, Netherlands and Munich, Germany, April 5, 2024 – Publisher Mindscape and developers Aesir Interactive and Sleeprunner Studios are happy to announce their upcoming remaster of Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship, a beloved game based on the successful Windstorm movies and bestselling books. Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship – Remastered allows fans and new players alike to (re)discover the world of Windstorm on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, with stunning graphics realized using Unreal Engine 5.

The Announcement trailer on YouTube:

Experience the story of Mika, a young girl known as a horse whisperer, as she befriends the majestic black stallion called Windstorm. Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship – Remastered follows the story of the best-selling book and successful movie franchise and allows players to explore the beautiful world of Kaltenbach on horseback.

In order to become racing champion, Mika has to learn how to interact with Windstorm and make sure he is happy and healthy, while also keeping up with his training. Players have to take care of their new friend by grooming him, keeping his stable clean and playing with him. Afterwards, he will join players on the adventures through the expansive alpine region, where they can discover hidden secrets and freely explore the breathtaking world.

With the Unreal Engine 5, the Remaster receives brand new, updated graphics and details for the loveable characters. Windstorm and the other animals have received enhanced animations that further immerse the players into this horse adventure. The open world offers new plants, improved lighting and water effects and invites players to explore every corner in order to find all the hidden collectibles the games has to offer.

Players can now capture their experiences with the new photo mode, with multiple filters and editing options to make the photos look unique. Additionally, new achievements have been added and the game will offer 30 FPS support and 4K Upsampling.

Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship – Remastered will be released on June 20 for PlayStation 5Steam and, for the first time and as the first of the Windstorm games, on Xbox Series.

Further information on the game can be found on the official website. To keep up to date on all news surrounding Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship – Remastered, players can follow the game on InstagramXTikTok and Discord.

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Comics Icon PAUL POPE Publishes His Second Artbook With BOOM! Studios  

The long anticipated PULPHOPE 2 hits shelves Fall 2024

I am very excited to share this news and press release.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 2, 2024) – Iconic auteur and New York Times bestselling cartoonist Paul Pope (Battling Boy, Batman: Year 100) brings the highly anticipated and long asked for follow up to PulpHope: The Art of Paul Pope with PULPHOPE 2: THE ART OF PAUL POPE. Paul and BOOM! Studios are proud to answer the call of art fans and collectors everywhere in putting this essential and much asked-for book in their hands, full of new insights and expanded visuals from the cartooning legend himself.
PULPHOPE 2: THE ART OF PAUL POPE is the definitive collection of art spanning the entirety of the Eisner Award-Winner’s extraordinary career to date. Some of these pieces haven’t been seen since 2006’s PulpHope, and much of it has never been seen anywhere, ever. The beautifully designed and carefully crafted tome has been hand curated by Pope to invite the reader into his studio to see his ever-growing development as an artist–from a child’s energetic scribbles to a mature artist’s holistic compositions.
Fans of Paul’s library of work will relish the invitation to get a peek at his process, and newcomers to his work couldn’t ask for a better introduction. PULPHOPE 2: THE ART OF PAUL POPE is a sampling of the best of the Comics Destroyer’s rock and roll, manga-infused work so far, and a taste of what is still to come.
“In my work as a cartoonist/comic book artist or just plain artist, I’ve always sought to expand the definitions of what we can do both with the medium and as visual thinkers. I’ve always sought to push the assumed barriers of what it means to be a modern pop artist. PULPHOPE2 incorporates a wide range of the work I’ve done both inside and out the comics industry, much of which either hasn’t been widely seen or seen presented in the way. In this 338pg catalogue, we’ve tried to pull from the best of my works up to 2024, including comics, fashion design, album art, silkscreens, and personal work –revealed here for the first time. We hope you enjoy!” said Paul Pope in a statement about PULPHOPE 2.
PULPHOPE 2: THE ART OF PAUL POPE will be available in comic shops October 9, 2024, and everywhere books are sold October 15, 2024. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local bookstore and comic shop. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play.
PULPHOPE 2: THE ART OF PAUL POPE will be available in softcover, hardcover, and signed hardcover editions.

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IllFonic Announces New Content Planned for 2024 and 2025

March 28, 2024 (Lakewood, CO.) – The Jungle is alive once again. Predator: Hunting Grounds will release new content in 2024 and 2025 with the game’s original creator and asymmetrical multiplayer expert, IllFonic Inc. as the new publisher, collaborating with 20th Century Games to breathe more life into this fan-favorite.

“This game has a strong, enthusiastic player base and a vocal community that wants to see the game updated and supported,” remarked Charles Brungardt, CEO of IllFonic. “Now that IllFonic is publishing games, we knew we had to get Predator: Hunting Grounds back. We knew we needed to get back to the Chopper!”

Later this year and into 2025, following Patch 2.49 this April, fans can expect future DLC content, balance improvements, and an update to support Predator: Hunting Grounds on PlayStation®5 (PS5®) consoles. Even more exciting, for the first time, Xbox fans will have the chance to take on or become the iconic extraterrestrial warrior on Xbox Series X|S later in the year as well.

What is coming to the jungle in 2024/2025 –

  • April 2024: Patch 2.49 will cover the currently released PS4 and PC: Steam / Epic Predator: Hunting Grounds. The focus is on player movement, Fireteam weapon rework and balance, Predator weapon balance, and UX/playability improvements. More to come in the team’s patch notes.
  • Late 2024 Release: Xbox Series X|S, PS5 Release: Predator is coming to Xbox. This release is focused on next-gen running on Unreal 4.27, Vivox, and Wwise, with a Standard Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition offered.
  • Winter Release, 2024: New Predators
  • Spring Release, 2025: More new Predators

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive asymmetrical shooter set in remote areas worldwide. Players are transported into the Predator universe, giving fans the closest experience to being in the films, where the Predator stalks the most challenging prey. Play as an elite special forces team member – the Fireteam – and complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. Then again, what better way to bond with your fellow Fireteam than to try to turn the tables on the Yautja… Hunt the Hunter! Or play as the Predator to hunt the most worthy prey, choosing from your vast array of deadly alien tech to collect your trophies one by one. The Predator’s mission is clear: The Hunt. Study the warriors in the jungle and choose the best of the best to engage. Dispatch your targets and collect trophies to display as tokens of each hunt. Do not let your prey escape. 

Failure is not an option.

Please note: *Gameplay is required to unlock weapons and gear. *Internet connection required for online multiplayer. *Crossplay will be expanded to support additional platforms.


Mutant Camels and Psychedelicillisumaura

My first computer and also gaming system was Commodore 64, this was somewhere in 1987 or 1988. Sub sequentially playing Attack of the Mutant Camels and Revenge of the Mutant Camels became a major deal for me. While the system itself wasn’t as huge in the US, I quickly invested myself in it and all knowledge of it. My second ever system was an Amiga. I couldn’t get away from Jeff Minter if I tried. If you owned an Atari in the US, its possible you didn’t either, or maybe you did. I wouldn’t know, my first console was an Xbox. Anyway, this is all to say I know who Jeff Minter is, but I also knew nothing about Jeff Minter or how much else he’s done and that is where the second Gold Master Series from Digital Eclipse becomes such a prize and something worthy to not only MY library but to anyone’s library.

If you have not yet experienced a Digital Eclipse Gold Master, but are a fan of museums, history and video games you are doing yourself I feel a disservice. While there is only one other in the series, that be The Making of Karateka, (which only gives a glimpse into one game in a large Jordan Mechner catalog), it was a true deep dive of treasures; and Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story is no different and in some cases even fuller. New documentary video pieces, scans of documents, recreations of game boxes which one can “touch” making them interactive museum pieces, along with 46 playable games and creations as well as one game fully remastered and re-engineered for the modern game player.

These playable games have been reconfigured as well, all reset to work on a controller, which I know had to be a ton of work. One of the absolute joys of the museum is that they focused not just on the games of Llamasoft but the entirety of Jeff’s career (at least up to a certain point) and creations. The light synths are probably my favorite thing. Infinitely playable. The games are as well, from both a nostalgia and also from an innovation stand point. Jeff only made games he wanted to play and Jeff had good/has good taste.

What I love most is there really being something for everyone here. Wanna play games of varying styles and difficulties? We got ya. Want to just watch some documentaries piece? Here ya go. You just want cool music? We got YOU too.

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story may have as much a personal connection to my own history as Making of Karateka, but the next Gold Master Series could be anything, be it something I know or something I never heard of and I’ll be on board there. If you have no connection to Karateka or Jeff Minter I feel you too will find something as I said in the previous paragraph to enjoy in these virtual immersive interactive museum art playable game displays… or Gold Masters.

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The Energon Universe Expands with Two All-New Limited Series This June!  

LOS ANGELES 03/07/2024 — Today Skybound and Image Comics, in collaboration with leading toy and game company Hasbro, announced two all-new G.I. JOE limited series set within the Energon Universe. Scarlett and Destro, featuring two of the most iconic G.I. JOE characters ever, will arrive in comic book shops in June 2024.   

Red-hot writer Kelly Thompson (Black Widow, Birds of Prey) and artist Marco Ferrari (Frontiersman) introduce some of the most anticipated characters to the Energon Universe in ways you’ll never expect in Scarlett #1launching June 5, 2024.  
 Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara is about to take on the most dangerous black ops mission of her career: infiltrating the mysterious rising power in Japan known as the Arashikage Clan. Her one lead is her former partner—Jinx—turned Arashikage enforcer. Now, Scarlett must use her operative skills to survive undercover… and discover a shocking weapon that could change the balance of power on Earth.  “I’m fortunate that, thanks to my job, I often get to dig into characters and worlds that I’ve loved for a long time,” said Kelly Thompson. “But G.I. JOE’s Scarlett is truly one of my first geek loves as a kid, and I am absolutely thrilled to have a hand in building her for this new, incredibly cool and rich universe at Skybound.”  “I’m very excited to join the Scarlett team and to use every tool in my toolbox to bring her to life in this new series,” said Marco Ferrari. “I can’t wait for everyone to dive into Scarlett’s mission with us!”

And then, acclaimed writer Dan Watters (Loki, Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives!) and artist Andrei Bressan (Dark Ride, Birthright) change the balance of power in the Energon Universe forever in Destro #1launching June 19, 2024.   James McCullen Destro XXIV is the man behind M.A.R.S. Industries, the undisputed leader in providing high-tech weapons to world powers…for the right price. But the emergence of Energon has changed everything. As Destro’s ambitions grow, the “Crimson Twins” Tomax and Xamot Paoli emerge to destroy their competition, and Cobra Commander realizes his current ally could be his future greatest enemy.  “I’m incredibly excited to bring Destro to life with Andrei,” said Dan Watters. “This is going to be a visceral, explosive thriller in which he [Destro] isn’t very nice to anyone at all — everything you’d want from your favorite amoral arms trafficker.”  “I just can’t wait to see what Dan has planned for Destro!” said Andrei Bressan. “I’m pretty excited because everything going on with the Energon Universe so far has been bonkers and Destro…he is just an absolute bad***, ready to kill and destroy.”  Rounding out the lineup of four action-packed G.I. JOE miniseries that introduce the iconic characters of the G.I. Joe and Cobra teams to the Energon Universe, Scarlett and Destro join Duke by Joshua Williamson (DC’s SupermanDark Ride), Tom Reilly (The Thing) and Jordie Bellaire (W0rldtr33) and Cobra Commander from writer Joshua Williamson, artist Andrea Milana (Impact Winter: Rook) and colorist Annalisa Leoni (Oblivion Song). These miniseries promise to set the stage for a fresh new take on G.I. Joe, Cobra and the iconic characters that you only think you know in a shared universe with TRANSFORMERS and Void Rivals!  “Duke and Cobra Commander were two of the highest-selling G.I. JOE comics of all-time, and they’re only the start of our new beginning for the amazing G.I. JOE franchise,” said Sean Mackiewicz, SVP, Publisher, Skybound. “With G.I. Joe and Cobra now locked on an unavoidable collision course, Scarlett and Destro will introduce new characters and factions that will disrupt their most carefully laid plans. Kelly Thompson, Marco Ferrari, Dan Watters, and my favorite madman, Andrei Bressan are crafting action-packed, jaw-dropping comics that will forever change the Energon Universe.”  The Energon Universe officially began last summer with the surprise first appearance of iconic TRANSFORMERS character Jetfire in Void Rivals #1 from Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead), Lorenzo De Felici (Kroma), and Mateus Lopes (Step by Bloody Step), introducing the historic new collaboration between Hasbro and Skybound, with TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics finding a new home with the publisher. Then TRANSFORMERS from writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson (ExtremityDo a Powerbomb, DC’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth) and colorist Mike Spicer (Stillwater, Murder Falcon) kicked off a brand-new era for the iconic franchise. The Energon Universe recently expanded with the launch of Duke and Cobra CommanderFans should expect can’t-miss moments from every issue of the Energon Universe, as secrets are unveiled along the path to answering the BIG questions.


Nerd Notes (3/4/2024)-All New Music

Lead singer/Song writer Samuel Kelly-Cohen was/is currently as of the date of this post appearing on the Winter 2024 Season of American Idol. They wrote this song based on that sudden occurence. This group/artist is wonderful and fantastic.

A mix of straight bangers in ear candy or music videos that came out last week.

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THE TOXIC AVENGER Returns In an All-New Comic Book Series 

By Pulitzer Prize Finalist and THE NIB Founder Matt Bors and Artist Fred Harper

(February 22, 2024) Matt Bors — the founder of The Nib and a political cartoonist who has twice been named a Pulitzer Prize finalist —and acclaimed artist Fred Harper (Snelson) are collaborating on an all-new 5-issue comic book series, THE TOXIC AVENGER, starring the satirical superhero of the Troma Films cult classic films. Having already spawned five films, a cartoon, action figures, a musical, and a Marvel comic book series, the Toxic Avenger is a pop culture icon. He is also perfect for AHOY Comics, a Syracuse-based publisher dedicated to satirizing  horror, space opera, social satire, sword & sorcery, and superhero stories. THE TOXIC AVENGER will debut this fall.

THE TOXIC AVENGER delivers what Troma fans want,” said AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer. “The series has violent action, gross mutations, bursting pustules, eye-popping visuals, and trenchant humor.” 

“If there was ever a superhuman hero for these toxic, miserable times, Toxie is the one!” said Lloyd Kaufman. “Only AHOY Comics and Bors & Harper could pull this off…er…mop this up! Toxie and the Troma Team can’t wait ‘til you read -no, experience – the art and stories that the Toxic Avenger Comic Book will explode in your brain, your soul, and your heart. Above all, remember – Toxie loves you and so do I.”

“This series will combine elements of the original films with the Toxic Crusaders cartoon and characters in familiar ways, updated to tell a story of environmental devastation, corporate control, and social media mutation,” said Bors. “THE TOXIC AVENGER is first and foremost an environmental satire, one about a small town and its unremarkable people trapped and transformed by circumstances they don’t control. The story Fred Harper and I are telling is about people frustrated by authorities telling them not to worry about their life, that things are fine, even as their dog mutates in front of their eyes. And at its core it is about a powerless boy, Melvin, who finds out he can be incredibly strong, hideously mutated, well-admired, and incredibly heroic… but still ultimately powerless over human behavior.”

In THE TOXIC AVENGER, teenager Melvin Junko helps run his parent’s junkyard in Tromaville, a small town in New Jersey where nothing much ever happens — until an ill-timed train derailment of toxic waste transforms Melvin into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength: the Toxic Avenger! Under a media blackout imposed by Biohazard Solutions (BS) and their PR-spewing Chairwoman Lindsay Flick, Melvin emerges as a hero fighting against BS and the mutated threats that keep popping up around Tromaville. Eventually Melvin uncovers a vast conspiracy  more far-reaching than he could have ever imagined — but he knows if everyone is simply made aware of the crisis, they’ll act to stop it. Right?

The Toxic Avenger first appeared in the 1984 cult classic film about a mutated weakling mopping up a corporate mess, directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz and starring Mitchell Cohen. 

TOXIC AVENGER is the second comic book series from Bors, following the release of JUSTICE WARRIORS, his critically-acclaimed comic with artist Ben Clarkson which follows two police officers, Swamp Cop and Schitt, stationed in the world’s first perfect city. 

“In addition to the environmental and action satire at the forefront of this story, TOXIC AVENGER  will skewer corporate PR, influencer culture, and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories” added Bors. “It isn’t paranoia if they’re really out to pollute you!”

TOXIC AVENGER #1 will land in stores on October 9, 2024.For more updates on AHOY Comics, visit them on XBlueskyFacebook and Instagram

About AHOY Comics

AHOY Comics debuted in the fall of 2018 with the bold promise for readers to expect more from its line of comic book magazines, featuring comic book stories, poetry, prose fiction, and cartoons. The independent, Syracuse-based company is the brainchild of publisher Hart Seely, an award-winning reporter whose humor and satire has appeared in The New York Times and on National Public Radio. AHOY’s editor-in-chief Tom Peyer is committed to publishing comics with a (dark) sense of humor with titles like the religious satires SECOND COMING and HIGH HEAVEN, the superhero parodies THE WRONG EARTH and MY BAD, the sci-fi spoofs CAPTAIN GINGER and HIGHBALL, the time travel tales PLANET OF THE NERDS and G.I.L.T., and the humor/horror anthology series EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SNIFTER OF BLOOD. 

About Troma Entertainment, Inc.

Established in 1974 by Yale friends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, Troma Entertainment is the longest-running, independent movie studio in North America, and it’s one of the very few genuine brand names in the industry. Troma is worldfamous for producing & distributing classics such as Kaufman’s “The Toxic Avenger”, Trey Parker’s “Cannibal! The Musical”, “Poultrygeist”, “Class of Nuke ‘Em High”, Charles Kaufman’s “Mother’s Day” & “Tromeo & Juliet”. Many of today’s luminaries can be found in Troma’s library of 1000 films, TV shows & shorts. Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, Fergie, Vincent D’Onofrio, Samuel L. Jackson, James Gunn & Eli Roth are just a few notable Troma-lumni. Troma Blu-rays, DVDs, books, shirts & Tromabilia can be purchased at Troma’s classic & new films & exclusive extras can be viewed at

About the creators

Matt Bors is a cartoonist, writer, editor, and publisher who founded the comics publication The Nib. His work has appeared in The Nation, CNN, The Guardian, The Village Voice, Daily Kos, and was collected in the book We Should Improve Society Somewhat. He is a two time Pulitzer Prize Finalist for his political cartoons and drew the graphic novel War Is Boring.

Fred Harper has illustrated stories for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Most memorable (at least to Fred) would be penciling for Animal Man at DC Vertigo. He started out with Savage Sword of Conan, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange at Marvel Comics. He went on to do illustrations for White Wolf and Magic the Gathering as he transitioned to magazine illustrations for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Week, SPORT, The Sporting News, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health, Muscular Development, and Sports Illustrated… to name a few. Fred currently resides in an apartment where he conducts experiments about the effects of copious amounts of espresso on an artist’s brain. Results have been inconclusive, but sometimes secrets take time for the beans to spill.

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ICYMI: New Orleans Trip Jan 2024

Having added photos and done edits and updates to my New Orleans live reporting I’ve felt it best to put links to all three posts in one.

Day One and Two

Days Three and Four

Days Five and Six

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Nerd Notes 1-12-24

(I put this collection together in Jan and somehow never posted it… it includes trailers and music videos still noteworthy of the start of the year, so I am posting them along with captions)

In no particular order a collection film, game and tv trailers, music videos and tracks and other stuff from Youtube that caught my attention.

A wonderful song, but an even more wonderful music video showing the beauty and grace of Inga Petry.
This 2023 production didn’t actually land on Paramount+ till Jan 2024. I have of this date not been able to watch the entirety but am still interested to see it.
Jeff comics are so fun and the way they find to animate them is even better.
The first single from Black Crowes first new album in 13 years.
Katherine McNamara is infinitely watchable.
One of those FOMO type of things from a convention
The documentary was brillaint.
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Please, Touch The Artwork 2 Now Available for Free on PC & Mobile Platforms

I had gotten an early access copy to the full version of Please, Touch the Artwork 2 and fully enjoyed their experience. They found a few bugs which they reported to the dev and have been excited to see that they continued to polish the game showig love and promise to a completely free game says much about Thomas Waterzooi. As excited as I am by this game to be available now for all I am even more excited to see what he and/or his Studio does next.”

-Pop-Culture Spectrum

Early reviews hail it as “A Masterpiece in its own right” and “A must-play free game”

19 FEBRUARY 2023 – Today marks the official release of Please, Touch The Artwork 2, now available as a FREE download on smartphones/tablets via the Apple Appstore or Google Play as well as on Windows/Mac via Steam. There are no ads, no hidden fees, and no paid DLC – just a free game to savor at your own pace.

Dive into the world of James Ensor, the Belgian Modern Art pioneer, with Please, Touch The Artwork 2: Explore his iconic paintings in a quirky, cozy, and engaging hidden-object artventure that’s filled with surprises. Help quirky characters retrieve lost items and restore gaps in the paintings in a game that transforms art appreciation into a short,fun-filled journey.

The game was made with the support of the Flemish Government, on the occasion of the Belgian EU Presidency 2024 and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of James Ensor’s passing in 2024. Making it available for free ensures that everyone can enjoy the game without any barriers to entry.

For more information and to download the game, visit the official website. Join us on this artistic adventure today!

Here is what the press had to say:

“Please, Touch the Artwork 2 simultaneously managed to reframe my perspective on art, introduce me to one of the 20th century’s greatest painters, and offer a touching, heartfelt narrative imbued with great reverence for a medium that is perhaps at its best when we get to poke it with a giant skeleton hand.”
– 9/10,
“Please, Touch The Artwork 2 offers unique and engaging gameplay with the challenge of a hidden object puzzle game. With its seamless integration of gaming and art appreciation, it shows the creativity that can be found between gaming and the art world, and developer Thomas Waterzooi’s love of the arts shines through in the gameplay.”
– ​ Two Thumbs up! (10/10), 
“Walking through James Ensors’ paintings offers a magical cozy artventure that’s filled with unexpected moments; as a free game, this is a must-play!”
The entire game shows enormous respect for Ensor’s work. It’s just an hour long, but for a completely free game, that’s not bad at all. So by all means, take the time to download and play this artful game that has itself become a masterpiece.” (translated from Dutch)
​- 5/5,

About the game

Assist a wandering skeleton artist in navigating a surreal, hand-painted universe, while collecting hidden objects for its quirky inhabitants. ​Solve casual puzzles and fix gaps and cracks in the paintings. Carefully crafted from works by James Ensor, a Belgian pioneer in the world of Modern Art.

Key features

  • Explore 5 unique worlds – Embark on a journey through five distinct worlds, each brimming with the mesmerizing art of James Ensor. Discover hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries within his famous paintings.
  • Hints when stuck – Stuck on a particularly elusive object? No worries! Players can request hints to nudge them in the right direction. This ensures a frustration-free adventure, allowing you to seamlessly continue your exploration.
  • Simple point & click controls – Navigate the world by clicking or tapping where you want to move. The intuitive controls make it accessible to all types of players. Take advantage of the zoom function to delve into every intricate detail.
  • Casual hand-painted art – Interactive elements and animations made from James Ensor’s authentic hand-painted works bring his masterpieces to life.
  • Atmospheric relaxing sound – Let the immersive atmosphere and tranquil soundscapes wash over you as you delve into Ensor’s world. The combination of real art and calming audio creates a mesmerizing experience.
  • Highly accessible – With a light-hearted and playful approach, “Please, Touch The Artwork 2” is a delightfully cozy adventure suitable for almost everyone.
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