Unveiling History: My Museum Treasure Hunter is coming soon!

Preserve, Explore, Thrive: My Museum Treasure Hunter Hits Shelves Summer 2024! 

Montpellier, France – May 6th, 2023. History buffs, art lovers, or renovation and management enthusiasts, prepare your backpack because we are taking you on an expedition in My Museum: Treasure Hunter. Indie games publisher PID Games is pleased to announce its partnership with ManyDev Studio and Code Meister for the upcoming release of the first-person-view simulator, for those who have always dreamed of having their own museum. Fans of the genre, restore their brilliance to the treasures of History through the windows of your own museum. And don’t forget to sweep the floor. The demo is currently playable and the complete aventure is coming this summer!

Key Features:

🔑 Museum management: Step into the role of museum owner, facing tough managerial decisions and financial struggles.

🤠 Expeditions: Visit remote places, solve riddles, and acquire exhibits for your museum.

🏺  Antique Restorer: Repair old or damaged artifacts in your own professional studio, making them regain their shine.

🏆 Exhibitions organization: Showcase objects you’ve restored and organize the best exhibitions.

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