C.O.O.K.S. must save the universe from B.R.o.t.H.



Too Many Cooks blew up all over the internet. If you missed it… well…just relax your brain and sit back for 11 minutes.

I literally became obsessed after. The brainchild of Casper Kelly, co-creator of “Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell!” as well as other great stuff it’s just a creation of insanity. Taking information from their reddit today after this thing literally was “selling like flapjacks”, it was a “shower idea” which only became something when the joke reached Mike Lazzo who even said that not even Andy Kaufman would try to turn this into an 11 minute sketch. The work by editor Paul Painter is just as impressive… taking all that footage and turning it into a cohesive piece of such expert humor which everytime you think my lag or feel too long finds just that right beat to make you stick along for the whole bit is amazing.

The awesome music was by Shawn Coleman and Michael Kohler, and seriously how they were able to create an earworm that just won’t go away is mindblowing. It was meant to be a parody and instead in their spare time they designed something that is UNDENIABLE. I’ve listened to this as much as I’ve watched it… maybe even more and that’s saying something. (It’s saying I’m crazy).


My addiction went much further though. I wanted to know more about the actors. I’m not going to reference all of them, just a select few who had a cool internet presence.

Katie Adkins’ webseries DORMS (she was creator and director)

Katelyn Nacon plays ukele and sings and acts. I’d keep an eye on her. Also if the show becomes a series, she’d be the breakout maybe. I felt she was the breakout in the skit even.

One of the office workers, Marc Farley does his fair share of acting, but this bit from STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW is hilarious.

The female office worker, Karen Cassady is a great stand up and improv and she also like various others in Too many Cooks appeared in Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell.

The girl who doesn’t mind being topless, Victoria Sun has a model mayhem, unsurprisingly. Actually shocked she doesn’t have more of a portfolio, she’s beautiful.

The “nerd” who spies on her and is also a superhero, Will Dove, has a VIMEO channel with some great stuff.

Jennifer Giles, the gun slinging lone female star of C.O.O.K.S., also has her own Youtube with an acting reel and really nice singing clips.

The “cool kid”, Gwydion Lashlee-Walton, has a Youtube as well with various different kinds of videos full of quality comedy/

Interesting enough, the serial killer played by William Tokarsky (who also was in Your Pretty Face) and the cop, Ali Froid (who has a demo reel on IMDB) both appeared in Swamp Murders, but albeit different episodes.

Also, two of the young girls, Morgan Burch and Jayla James appear in the currently in post production, Santa’s Boot Camp, as elves.

There’s SO much more I found in my addiction of discovering who the amazing people who were involved in this project are, but at some point, one must stop because they are getting murdered. I’ll just press this button here though.


Tribute to those fallen in 2011 Part 5

This is the final of my tributes to the people who have passed this year, as with the rest  it is broken down alphabetically and the age of the person and their cause is in parentheses after.  In this final part I focus on the media entertainment industry, the field I have the most connection with.  There are sparse links here, but lots of indepth writing and analysis.

FILM and TELEVISION (Actors, Producers, Directors, Music, Crew)

James Arness (88- natural causes): For over 20 years, James Arness was one tough man, Marshall Matt Dillon (the cowboy, not the actor). For more than 5 years before that he appeared in Western films and amazingly as The Thing in the original adaptation of “Who Goes There?” by John Campbell and also as The FBI agent in Them! It’s of course notable to mention that James’ younger brother was Peter Graves, another brilliant actor who got known as another tough sonofagun IMF Agent, Jim Phelps, who unfortunately passed away in 2010.

Trevor Bannister (76- heart attack): This comedic actor who also appeared in lots of theater productions would probably be only known to fans of British comedy and most especially to fans of “Are You Being Served?” as he appeared as a major player in over 40 of the 69 episodes. He made appearances in other British programs including a run on the longest running sitcom in Britain, Last of the Summer Wine.

John Barry (77- heart attack): A true music master, a classical music legend living in modern times, he composed and orchestrated some of the most amazing music ever heard by ears everywhere. He made movies larger than life and gave them breath they didn’t have before him. Widely known as composing for James Bond films it is the work he did for movies such as Born Free, Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa and Midnight Cowboy that mesmerizes my ears and senses.

Jeff Conaway (60- complications of drug use): The true star of Grease and the main reason Taxi had something really touching and personal, at least for me personally. This particular scene in Taxi back before his drug abuse caused the writers and directors to completely not follow up this brilliance is a personal favorite.  Jeff was a man of immense talent, spirit and energy. On top of being the original Kenickie he also played Zuko for awhile on Broadway, but Kenickie and his story always resonated with me for some reason. Of course so did Bobby Wheeler. It is of course quite unfortunate that Jeff will be as remembered for his film and TV work as his appearance on the entertaining garbage of celebreality. I hope in years to come that part of his career is wiped clean and his amazing voice and quality artistic talent is what is praised and memorized.

David Croft (89- natural causes): Co-creator of ‘Allo, Allo, Are You Being Served?, this former soldier turned writer and producer is one of the most important individuals in sitcom television alongside his writing partners. There is no doubt that much of what was created and developed on the shows of his creation inspired not only British comedy, but American sitcom comedy for years and years to come.

Frank DiLeo (63- complications of surgery): Music executive and manager, famous on screen for Tuddy in Goodfellas and Frankie “Mr. Big” Sharp in the Wayne’s World flicks. His existence as a character definitely gave Chris Farley the funniest segment in the first Wayne’s World film.

Ryan Dunn (34- car crash): Stunt man, extreme sports enthusiast, and daredevil, the right hand man to Bam Margera and one of the stars of Jackass. One could say Ryan wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards, especially since he died stunt racing while highly intoxicated (read, drunk off his rocker) in the approximate same spot where he almost killed himself and Bam Margera while sober in 1996 with a roll. His loss was still felt though and his friends and fans cried their hearts out at the loss.

Peter Falk (83- complications of Alzheimer’s): I was never a fan of Columbo, but Peter Falk has contributed to so many other things that I did and do love. Be it as the grandfather and narrator in The Princess Bride or he starring roles in Arthur Hiller’s The In-Laws and John Cassavete’s Big Trouble and even the quirky Jeff Goldblum/Cyndi Lauper Vibes I have no choice to admit I admire and respect him as an actor, personality and presence.

Anne Francis (80- cancer): One of the most beautiful and popular actresses of the 1950’s, she became a perennial character actress through the 60’s and worked regularly until the late 90’s in film and television. In 1965 she starred in her own detective show, Honey West, the first show of its kind.

Michael Gough (94- illness/natural causes): Highly talented character actor whose fame was mostly in England he has held many notable roles, including appearing in some classic Hammer films. What a strange coincindence to lose three major players of Hammer in one year including writer James Sangster and director Don Sharp. Michael Gough went on from Hammer films to perform on Doctor Who, and many other minor, small but important film roles. To most he will be remembered as Alfred Pennyworth in the 90’s Batman films, which featured three different Batmen, two Harvey Dents, but one and only one Alfred. Beyond that he continued to work in various roles up until 2010. One of those actors who faces and voice you can’t forget.

Yoshio Harada (71- pneumonia during cancer): Only known to fans of Japanese cinema as he never made the American transition, he was one of those go to guys for some of the most classic Japanese films that are lesser known Internationally other than to those who truly follow. Nonetheless, his impact on cinema appearing in films greatly loved by the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Quentin Tarrantino can not be ignored.

David Hess (75- heart attack): Musician, song writer, and actor. Cult film fans would recognize him as Krug from The Last House on the Left. He also wrote the songs, Speedy Gonzalez made famous by Pat Boone and Come Along made famous by Elvis Presley.

Wyatt Knight (56- suicide by gun): Best known as the badboy Tommy from the Porky’s series, this marginally successful young actor decided to end his own life after years of pain from treatment for cancer.

Andrew Laszlo (85- undisclosed): This photographer turned cinematographer made movies beautiful. As DP on such classics as The Warriors, First Blood and Newsies, his understanding of light, color, scenery, shadow, exposure and more helped bring to life these films in exhilarating ways. He seemed to had retired in 1992 after Newsies, a damn shame.

Len Lesser (88- pneumonia): This consistent and steady character actor worked since the 50’s, appearing in so many shows, westerns and stage productions it’s almost a shame, his “fame” as it would be didn’t come until playing Leo on “Seinfeld” and then Garvin of “Everybody Love’s Raymond”. A man with such screen presence and such a voice should’ve been a major player, the lead or co-starring in a sitcom long before, not just one part here, one part there, but that’s acting and that’s the acting life. Sometimes, despite talent and constant work, the big break never comes and the small break comes late in life. You take what you can get, feh… which is probably how Len Lesser thought and what he brought to his most famous role.

Sidney Lumet (86- lymphoma): Hands down one of the greatest directors of all time, period. It seems pointless to discuss him, this is a point where a career is truly understood by discussing selections of his filmography. I must note that on top of these films I’ll mention there were many more including incredible film adaptations of plays, including the Musical, The Wiz with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. SERPICO was one of the seminal 70’s films that changed the face of cinema forever, Lumet pulled a performance out Pacino rarely seen since and put a gritty true to life New York right on the screen. In DOG DAY AFTERNOON Pacino’s performance doesn’t have the same power, but Lumet’s brilliant deft skill followed by the brilliant NETWORK which broached many of the same topics from the other viewpoint, it his choices to bring these two particular tales to life on the big screen so close to each other in a the same time period. BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOUR DEAD, his final film could easily be considered the best of his career. Bringing to life an I believe Black Listed screenplay by an untested by successful playwright, Lumet brought everything he had learned over his vast career to this simple, but poignant film about crime, love, betrayal, lies, truth, morals and ultimately family.

Sid Melton (94- natural causes): Working since the 1940’s Melton had many roles in many features and TV, but is notable as Charley Parker from “Danny Thomas”, Friendly Freddy from “Gomer Pyle”, Alf Munroe from “Green Acres” and much later in life as Sophia’s husband Salvatore in “Golden Girls” flashbacks.

Cynthia Myers (61- undisclosed): Extremely sexy Playboy playmate.of 1968. Brunette. 39 D. All woman! She also appeared in Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.

Charles Napier (75- unspecified): A character actor starting in the late 60’s, Napier appeared in Russ Meyer films, followed by tons of TV shows and minor bits in films. Then he got the bad guy lead in Rambo and everything changed. While he never landed another ole just as big as Murdock, his voice led credence to one of the most under appreciated awesome cartoons ever in The Critic and his face and voice were an unmistakable presence in anything he appeared in. This 1985 article by Roger Ebert paints a great picture of Napier.

John Neville (88- complications of Alzheimer’s): One of the greatest British actors of stage in the 50’s, a time period I personally have read a lot up on and wish I had been alive to see. True international acclaim and noteworthiness did not come his way till being cast as the titular character in Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. He would gain greater recognition as The Well Manicured Man in both the X-Files TV show and first X-Files film. A true actor’s actor, Neville was something to behold, which one care purely see in Munchausen. A pitch perfect performance he holds his own and overpowers such folks as Eric Idle and Robin Williams.

Patrice O’Neal (41- stroke): One of the funniest standups in recent years, I absolutely loved him on Shorties Watching Shorties. I loved his stand up too, and there’s one more hilarious factor of Patrice that most people don’t realize. For two years he was a member of WWE creative. I’m not sure what bits he came up with, but I bet if there was anything actually legitimately funny and not just distasteful and juvenile from 2000-2002 on RAW or Smackdown, Patrice was responsible for it.

Pete Postlethwaite (64- cancer): One of the finest character and stage actors England ever produced, America didn’t truly get to experience the excellence and awesomeness that was Pete Postlethwaite until Last of the Mohicans, followed by In The Name of the Father. He then wowed audience as one of the most important players in “The Usual Suspects” and since then has appeared in many films. In 2010 alone he had small, but very important roles in Clash of the Titans, Inception and The Town. His impact on film with his curiously interesting features, perfect timing as an actor and immense presence shall be surely missed.

Andy Rooney (92- surgery complications): The voice of some kind of reason for over sixty years going back to the days when he only wrote, but did not deliver his words, Rooney was more Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher than they Hitchens and Maher combined. Andy Rooney was their love child despite he being the one who gave birth to them. Andy Rooney was allowed to speak his mind and it was a controversial, liberal, open minded, religion hating, republican despising, freedom of speech loving mind. It was only because he was left with a few minutes on 60 minutes to deliver his work instead of entire specials or an entire hour of moderated programming that his figure didn’t reach the fervor of these others. He was Andy Rooney to most, that cute old grumpy old man who spoke his mind at the end of sixty minutes. For conservatives I bet they just thought he was cute, but if the real world really paid attention, they’d of known Andy Rooney wasn’t cute… he was real.

Jane Russell (89- respiratory failure): Another beautiful of the silver screen in the 50’s, co starring alongside Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum at the height of her career. I do not believe I would’ve gotten along very well with Jane Russell though. She was a card carrying, god fearing, bible thumping, bigoted, conservative, narrowminded republican and all this by her own admittance. Also she loved to drink. Also by her own admittance. Gotta give it to her though, she was hot and she was a good actress.

Ken Russell (84- stroke): Truly a genius director, here was a man who was able to bring Pete Townsend Tommy to the big screen and present some of the weirdest, cult films of all time. While his career goes beyond these from 1971 till 1989 he directed, wrote and adapted some of the most insane stories one could find. Adapting and re-conceiving the works of men like John Whitting’s play based on Aldous Huxley’s work, turning the rock opera only staged previously as orchestral production into a full fledged film, and creating what is considered one of the great films in scifi psychotropic cinema in Paddy Chevaskey’s ALTERED STATES. Personally for me it his realization of Stephen Volk’s only successful screenplay GOTHIC, taking the two works of Byron and Shelley on that infamous night where Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was born and turning them into disturbing feast, but even more so the film of some of my childhood fantasies and nightmares his bringing to life of Bram Stoker’s LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM. This 1989 feature seemed to feel like Ken Russell’s coup de grâce. Throughout the 90’s and up till 2000 he would deliver very disappointing productions or even productions that were never released internationally and in most cases even theatrically. Lucky there’s that slew of disturbing flicks which started with THE DEVILS, continuing into LISTZOMANIA and even CRIMES OF PASSION to remember him by.

Bert Schneider (78- natural causes): Co-Founder of BBS Films. Creator of The Monkees and Producer of The Monkees’ Head, Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider, Bob Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces starring Jack Nicolson, and Peter Bogdonavich’s The Last Picture Show. A true pop-culture legend and a man who actually helped change film, music and the world. The avenues he opened in developing The Monkees alone is a benchmark of what would become a constant existence in pop-culture. The created super group which would find a way to break out of the confines of their conception and become monumental successes despite their beginnings. Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, The Spice Girls, and so would never been ideas without The Monkees and therefore without Bert Schneider. The Monkee’s of course also would not have been successful without the immense talent of each member or the song writing talents of Neil Diamond and Andy Kim, among others, but all that still rests of Bert’s shoulders as a producer, making these original decisions and choices for the group including hiring Don Kirshner. Following that, it was his financial backing, spokesman-ship and support that allowed films like Easy Rider and Last Picture Show to be more than just haphazard concepts from talented, but unsteady writer/performers. The successes of those projects I’m sure inspired bigger studios to take chances they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Bubba Smith (66- heart disease): Obviously I don’t care about his obviously amazing sports career, as the only sports I care about are extreme, puglism, and martial arts, but as Moses Hightower in the “Police Academy” franchise he cemented himself in the echelon of great characters. He also got to perform in some super obscure, but cult fame shows like Blue Thunder.

Leonard Stone (87- cancer): Best known as the father of Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, this prolific character actor played multiple roles in everything from “The Outer Limits” to “Perry Mason” to “Dragnet” to “Barney Miller”. He even had a recurring role as a judge on L.A. Law.

Elizabeth Taylor (79- congestive heart failure): What does one say about one of the most amazing and ravishing actresses of her time or possibly for centuries to come? Two Academy Awards, SAG Lifetime Achievement, Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement, AFI Lifetime Achievement, President’s Medal and on top of all that, she was also awarded Dame Commander. The love to two of entertainment’s greatest gifts Producer Michael Todd and actor Richard Burton. Activist, humanitarian and real person, ignore her scandals, her controversies, everything else… Liz Taylor was the real deal.

Yvette Vickers (73 or 74- mummified body found in 2010, heart failure): The other woman in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, she was also a Playboy playmate photographed in 1959 by Russ Meyer. The circumstances behind her death are as fascinating as her short time of fame.

John Wood (81- natural causes): British actor who had two very notable 80’s roles in War Games and Jumpin’ Jack Flash. To discuss either role would basically be considered spoilers. That is how tantamount he is to both films.

Actors like Stone, Postlewaithe, Melton, Lesser, Napier, Wood and Gough are the rock that holds films and television aloft, without them, the stars would never shine, all should take their hat off to these men and like Andrew Gold suggests “Thank them for being a friend”.

Movies in 2012 I am tentatively excited by

There are lots of movies in 2012, some only in post production, some only with a minimum of information and others with full on trailers to give you a feel for the film, enough to at least state that you’re more than genuinely interested.  This list has some of all of that.  Links are provided to trailers or official websites where possible.  As release dates and availability is always subject to change till the last minute I’ll leave that information off.

Haywire: The latest from Steven Soderbergh, and the first feature for the sexiest woman who can legitimately kick people’s ass next to Zoe Bell.  Can Gina Carano actually act?  Well, that’s what’s left to be seen.  The last time Soderbergh took a chance on a total unknown commodity was porn star Sasha Grey, so… we shall see.  The film does have the fact that it stars Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas in acting bulk of the film, so if all Gina really needs to do is kick ass and look good, this movie should actually work, even if it’s been awhile since Steve shot one out of the park.

The Expendables 2: The first Expendables failed in many ways, story, character development, plot construction, even dialogue, all things we know Sly Stallone are good as a screenwriter, but somehow he missed the mark.  Maybe it was because he was hoping for a different crew and ended up with who he got, but didn’t rethink the film when he didn’t get a cast that didn’t need as much development as characters.  Despite all that it was an excellent  action flick and from the trailer alone it looks like story and character development was fore front in the mind for this sequel.  Also Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme are promoted for this one and Schwarzenegger and Willis’  roles seem way more pronounced, so the dream movie of tons of action stars at once is more realized

Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby:  This one is actually still in production, but has been slapped with a Christmas 2012 release date.  With Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character, Tobey Maguire as the actual main character Nick Caraway and a cast rounded out with Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher,Jason Callhan and Joel Edgerton it compelling enough.  Add in that  2 time academy award winning costume designer Catherine Miller is back along for the ride and Craig Pearce who was not there for Australia, but fleshed out Moulin Rogue and Romeo+Juilet is back as well, I have high hopes for this one without seeing a single roll of film.

Battleship: Sure Peter Berg made Hancock, but before that he made The Rundown, The Kingdom and Very Bad Things.  This huge blockbuster explosions galore, aliens and the armed forces menagerie was crafted by The Hoeber brothers who gave us the pretty okay adaptations of almost unadaptive comics Whiteout and RED.  There’s a good cast here and the trailer just has some top notch high energy and well, all that other stuff I mentioned.

Men in Black 3: A third MiB film does seem like it’s pushing it and here’s hoping that they have at least a throwaway line explaining where Jeebs, Frank the Pug, Laura and Agent K’s wife are.   Since Sonnenfield is still at helm as director I have to keep my hopes that everything will addressed for the long time fan without confusing the possible new fan coming in to a 15 year old franchise with a lot of history.  Speaking of franchises with History… that brings us to the next film.

American Reunion: It seems a little weird that the people who would write and direct the reunion film for the gang from American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding would be the guys who brought us all 3 Harold and Kumar films, but since Herz produced and all the actors, none who are begging for work agreed to return to these characters, means the script had to actually be punchy.  The trailer itself shows a lot of quality updating and humor and sexual funny, instead of scatological.  There’s disgusting to be disgusting and then intelligent disgusting.  It exists and like previous American Pie films it looks like they succeeded.  They even brought back Chris Owens as Chuck Sherman… this is a serious reunion.  It’s the kind of film I’d love to see other films do even.  Ya know with the right script.

METH HEAD: It’s a first full length feature for the director and there’s no trailer, but between the plot, subject matter and the fact that it stars Lukas Haas and features Curtis Smith’s first ever movie score, I’m compelled.

On The Road: Like Baz Luhrman’s Gatsby I’m excited for this with baited breath.  It has a competent cast that should handle the intracies of story and plot lpnety well.  What makes me think this will actually be any good is that it’s from the team that that brought Che Guevera’s  The Motorcycle Diaries to life on the big screen.  If any film should/could turned out horribly it was that, but instead Sallies and Rivera knocked it out of the ball park.  They get the times, they get that language and I’m sure they can do the same thing for Kerouac that they did for Che.

Wanderlust: The latest from David Wain and Ken Marino,who gave us Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models, not to mention The State.  Additionally David Wain was in Stella and Wainy Days and Ken Marino is well… Ken Marino.  After the The State, as an actor he was in Dawson’s Creek,Veronica Mars, REAPER,  Party Down and Children’s Hospital, as well as Wainy Days.  This flick  romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd with an awesome back up ensemble including Ray Liotta, Kerri Kinney, Alan Alda, Joe LoTruglio, Lauren Ambrose and Malin Akerman.  It looks really funny and just one of those feel good flicks with some great weirdness you expect from Wain.  Supposedly Aniston also goes topless and it isn’t cropped like it was in The Ex.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax:  I recently finally saw the  Horton Hears a Who and found it unbelievably charming and clever.  I was expecting to hate it and I ended up loving it.  The writers of that also wrote this and they also wrote Despicable Me.  On Lorax they team with one half of their Despicable Me partner in Chris Renaud who gets assistance from Despicable layout supervisor.  I assume Pierre Coffin started the pre-production on Despicable Me 2 while this happened.  The trailers definitely have me stoked and Danny Devito as The Lorax is pure excellence and luck.  I mean he could play him if it was live action even!

Sushi Girl: This is writer/director Kern Saxton’s first feature, but it has a a lot power behind it.  His long time producer and collaborator on shorts has been Destin of Millionaire Matchmaker fame.  Destin’s success on that show I am sure helped him get the backing for this crazy wild violent sexy heist flick with a cast that features Tony Todd, James Duvall, Mark Hammill, Noah Hathaway, Sonny Chiba, Jeff Fahey and Danny Trejo.  One look at the trailer and if you aren’t hooked then you just don’t like these kind of films.

Dorothy of Oz:  This upcoming animated feature is being touted as a supposed sequel to Wizard of Oz and is a musical starring Leah Michelle, Martin Short, Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Stewart, James Belishi, Oliver Platt, Hugh Dancy, Dan Ackroyd and Megan Hilty (who will soon be seen as a regular in NBC’s SMASH ).  The website has great interviews with the cast and crew that really make excited for this.  They’re basing it off a book by Roger S. Baum which is not cannon, allowing it to go places not before imagined, even if that pissed of Ozonians.  I don’t care as long as the animation is good, the story is fun and the music is well composed.

16-Love: I’ll be honest, this teenage romantic comedy based on Tennis isn’t really calling to me but god damn it if Lindsey Shaw and Lindsey Black  aren’t compelling to watch (read: super cute, infectious and totally hawt).

Playback: There’s no real trailer for this thriller, but there is an e-book trailer and the fact there is an original e-book developed as a prequel, along with the plot being built around Louis Le Prince makes it interesting.  The fact that it stars Christian Slater, Alessandra Torresani , Johnny Pacar, Mark Metcalf and Daryl Mitchell doesn’t hurt either.

Being Flynn: An adaptation of the Nick Flynn memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City starring Paul Dano as Nick and Robert DeNiro as his estranged homeless father Jonathan.  Written and directed by Paul Weitz,whose last adaptation work of this type was Nick Hornsby’s About A Boy, this looks like a strong drama with exciting acting telling the true story of one of America’s greatest poets.

Of course 2012 will also see The Dark Knight Rises, The Woman in Black, Warm Bodies, Underworld: Awakenings, The Hunger Games, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, John Carter, Jack the Giant Killer, Gone, The Five Year Engagement, Rise of the Guardians and many more to look forward to tentatively.  Will I see any of these films?  Will I instead see movies not even listed here?

That’s for myself to answer when the time comes.  I still have plenty of 2011 to still catch up on and I won’t even get into that right now… it’s for a different entry/post/article.