Some additional NYCC notes to be aware of before the show!

Bob Camp, one of the co-creators of Ren & Stimpy has been doing production background art for an upcoming mobile game called Tanks of Fury. They’ll be handing out cards with QR codes for a free demo.

LEGO will giving away a free Superman lego, which is also part of a contest.

Cartoon Network has an awesome Finn of Adventure Time toy they’re giving away.

This NY food/restaurant guide from CB Cebulski is really cool and also directs you on how to get a free exclusive pin by Cliff Chiang during the con. It seems a lot of work for someone without an iPhone/Android, but that’s what up.

There’s a lot of special Foursquare stuff like that too and you can’t do Foursquare without an iPhone/Android either…so I think it’s a bit unfair that the better off you are financially the more free stuff you get… like celebrities with their Oscar swag bags.

On top of the appearance at the convention, Chad Michael Murray will be signing at Barnes and Nobles on the Upper East Side on Friday night.

There’s some excellent after the convention events happening:
James Marsters is performing all the way out in Amityville on Saturday.

Also on Saturday a slew of street artists, toy customizers and graffiti artists are doing live painting in Alphabet City.

Zombie/Horror artist Wrona has a solo show in Brooklyn on Saturday as well.

and in New Jersey on Saturday there’s a Jack Kirby art tribute show with live music

a few other notes of interest:

The folks from Irattional Games will be giving out a BIOSHOCK INFINITE litho to those who come to their signing

Andrew W.K. is doing a signing

Foxtrot’s Bill Amend has a panel and a signing

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