Beer, Glorious, Beer!

I am not much of a beer drinker is what I tell people when I go out drinking. This isn’t exactly true. I just really can’t find enjoyment in what most people drink when they say beer. They usually mean PBR, Heineken, Coors, Budweiser or Guinness. Sometimes I get lucky and it’s folks who actually mean a brilliant creation of flavor involving a hops. An independent brew developed by a master who gave a damn about what he was creating instead of just putting yeast piss mixed with barley or wheat in a can or bottle.

I know how beer is made. I have studied it intensely in reading, but I have never taken the time and energy involved to make my own brews. I’ve even come up with various ideas, percolated how certain flavors and mixes would bring both body, taste and a good buzz worthy to say “Dude, I’m drunk and happy about it!”.

When I was in New Jersey recently for an arts event I got to not only meet people who do home brewing, but sample many different flavors and tastes. There was a vast amount of deliciousness here and some truly passionate people.

The group is called the Jersey City Brew Club and they meet monthly to plan, discuss, arrange and organize beer brewing, events and whatnot. Their event at the 4th Street Arts and Music Festival was also a contest. While all the beers were absolutely amazing, they still decided to have purveyors to vote for their favorites.

The favorite that won was a Dark Chocolate Cherry Stout which I unfrotunately could not taste as I have an allergic reaction to cherries, but I got to try another beer he had made that was not in competition and it was quite amazing. Second place went to the Buffalo Porter, an aromatic beer suggested best with earthy cheese just like its flavor and third place went to Hopasaurus in the Dark, this was very dark and really jumpy as the name suggests. Other excellent beers that really caught my tastebuds were the Pumpkin Cider, the Apricot Wheat Ale and the simply called HurricanAle.

I am amazed at what these individuals achieved and I wouldn’t mind getting into it myself.

Unfortunately for me their next meeting in which they’ll not only discuss these beers but other brewmaking genius is this weekend during New York Comic Con. If you aren’t heading out to that and you live in a place where Jersey City is easy access for you, I totally recommend checking these guys and gals out… it seems like an awesome club to belong to.

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