Nerd Notes (4/30/23)

It’s been a few days, so this is an extra long Nerd Notes of Music videos, game trailers, and comics and culture news. Some stuff even a week old as when it hit the inbox.

Billy Strings makes some good music.

Honoring the idea of Saturday Morning cartoons, variant covers on a variety of Marvel Comics .

Two videos from JAWNY, an MV and a 20+ movie.

The Google Doodle honoring Alan Rickman on April 30, 2023 as stated is for the opening night (which was a few weeks after Previews) in the Broadway run of “Les Liaision Dangereuses” in which Rickman portrayed Valmot.

Celebrating Alan Rickman

Sounds like I like include ThxSoMch.



A short documentary on ALL the Gabriel Knight games made by Adventure Game Hotspot in conjuction with the games creator Jane Jensen and music composer Robert Holmes.

Music video for Jonas Brothers’ “Waffle House”

Music video for Drax Project’s Atmosphere is excelllent.

Swedish Based on True Events Period Piece Heist and Glamour.

A Pixel art point and click based in Tarot and Arcana, totally my jam.

This docuseries looks fascinating.

Nessa Barrett’s american jesus MV is ear and eye candy galore.

The trailer for The Hunger Games pre-quel is awesome!

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