Imanii Labels first book available May 12th

Imanii Labels, an entrepreneur who has spearheaded and created music, wrestling, and media (as well as a documentary built around the story of those who know him, associated produced by PC-S’ Reid Harris Cooper)  has now written a book. A project he has spoken about frequently in the years I have known him. The book as described is an affirming cognitive self help book on the process of decision making using introspection from Imanii’s personal and professional life to explore the development of choices and how we internally make them long before we think we have. Based on his passion for the project I am sure it’ll be an intriguing read for those who know of Imanii and those who equally do not.

Here are the author’s own words from the book’s description.

“The general public tends to purchase someone’s book primarily based on the author’s background rather then the actual concept of the book. If the writer is legit the customer will give it a chance even if they’re not necessarily intrigued. In my case I have no history as an author in a traditional sense but what I’ll be discussing in this book is in my opinion a sector of our basic functionality that has not been properly and or thoroughly assessed, at least not at the level it should have been. The power of decision making and the true core of its process. I divulge extremely personal and professional information from my life where making the right decisions were paramount but not always rendered and most importantly the origin of the decision which are almost never of contemporary implications.”

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