A special advance look at Pop-Culture Spectrum’s NYCC interests!

It has been a long time since we’ve been to a convention at P-CS. Our last in person being at Twitchcon 2019 in San Diego. The world as it has been since 2019 put a damper on lots of plans. Three years later though we will be attending New York Comic Con on Thursday and Sunday. We are not official Press, so no advance press sessions, but that would not be our focus either way. Being away from a convention, especially a pop-culture convention of such ilk for so long has us clamoring for what conventions can be. Our experience at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart had us wanting more of that. Seeing footage from San Diego Comic Con 2022 reminded us what can be done in spectacle in short time for temporary exhibits that are amazing enough to be permanent.  NYCC 2022 will have plenty of that and here’s a look of that to START.

The CCG MARVEL SNAP booth is described as follows “an immersive booth that feels more like an action-packed movie set, with a battle-ravaged city “block” that plays like a realistic continuation of the game CG teaser trailer launched earlier this year. As fans line up to explore the space, learn about the game, and spot Easter Eggs from the Marvel Universe, they’ll eventually step inside the mysterious Marvel SNAP cube to engage in a fully sensory experience that can only be described as a phantasmagorical journey through the action of the game, surrounded by an infinity mirror of awesome.”

Cable network and IP owner Nickelodeon have always brought some AMAZING stuff to con, from a full on sewer exhibit for TMNT, or a Star Trek command deck in conjuction with Paramount. This year they’ll have a Bumblebee sculpture standing 16 feet tall to promote the newest Transformers project, a tower for the Monster High live action movie and two activations dedicated to Spongebob Squarepants.

Speaking of Paramount, they’ll have an immersive experience based on Teen Wolf: The Movie (based on the modern TV series, not the 80s comedy).

Prime Video is bringing what they are calling Forever Fab, a 3D print shop storefront inspired by the their upcoming series The Peripheral.  The Peripheral is based upon a work of William Gibson, developed by Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan and originally adapted by novelist & Academy award nominated screenwriter Scott Smith.

As HBO Max’s DC TITANS enters season four the show expands with its own version of S.T.A.R. Labs and the streaming platform is bringing a version of the this set piece to the convention floor as an immersive experience.

The Batman family inspired Batwheels also gets a wild experience for kids and MAYBE adults, with a race track and photo opportunity.

Disney Parks is bringing something inspired by the queue area of Epcot’s Guardians of Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride known as the Wonders of Xandar Pavilion. I have no clue what they’ll have built it here, but I predict an outpost developed by Imagineers which may be unlike any experience ever at ANY convention.

Interactions and Activations aren’t the only we have here at Pop-Culture Spectrum though. Since amazing conventions like Book Expo and Book Con have ended with there being no outlook to them returning, publishing houses (most whom are based in NYC or the tri-state area) have turned to NYCC itself to create fan centric booths and exhibits.

In attendance at post date are Penguin Random House, Hachette, Disney Publishing, Abrams, Fierce Reads (for MacMillan), Quirk Books, and Simon & Schuster. Details of their giveaways, signings and/or swag have yet to be revealed.

The show floor features so much more than this though, comic book publishers, artisans, apparel companies, video games, toy brands, sculptures and exhibits, pop-up shops.  One could never attend a panel, go to all FOUR days of Convention and still somehow miss at least one booth or experience.  So take it all in, but also let yourself enjoy it… the time is short, but the memory is forever.

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