TimeMelters and MORE in STEAM NEXT October 22

It’s coming this week, October 3rd- 10th.  The Fall Steam Next Fest and they’ll be many many new demos, sales and maybe even games you had no idea about coming your way.

One demo you do NOT want to miss is TimeMelters.  A third person action adventure played via mouse and keyboard (all the spell magic and aiming I don’t think would even work with a controller I feel or maybe that’ll come later).  The graphics are a fun realistic yet cartoony style, the story not truly laid out but seemingly mythical ancient times, nothing super major, but it’s in the gameplay where things get different.

Via a mechanic of time shifts you essentially end up in a battle where you can use three versions of yourself.  I am positive I have seen elements of this in other games.  Clones who repeat your last actions or that you clone off of… but its one you rarely even use. In TimeMelters, if you don’t use the mechanic, along with teleportation, bring game objects to life to attack, or luring enemies to a specific space or holding them in place, you’re a goner.  Even in STORY mode.  I intentionally played Single player Story mode in this demo to get as much as I could experience and even then it was quite difficult. It could be cause I am a controller player unless doing a puzzle/adventure game or that the game has a lot of mechanics which take a learning curve and the demo tells you off the bat… no curve, this is a demo to show you everything so you know what this game is going to be.  What the demo gives me even though I have not even beat it at press time is knowing this game is made for a player of my interests and maybe some of my readers too. The game even has a CO-OP mode which I don’t have much use for, but must make an intriguing which also involves strategy making it extra different and special.

In a totally other direction a new demo for McPixel 3 is out. You maybe played the demo before. Well, its updated. So check it again.


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