Post BEA via Video

MoCCA Fest 2012 – The Video!

The following video has gotten some praise and heads up from individuals involved in it and now I share it officially on my website.

I’m betting some might be curious of the musical loop I invented for this. Well, I personally titled it “The OK GO Show Around The World Raises the Banner!” Hopefully no one ever feels that I should get punished since I’m not making any money off this thing.

An Afternoon At A Zoo

In February 2012 I took an afternoon walk to the zoo near my house, Queens Zoo in the Flushing Meadows Corona Park and decided to spontaneously record it with my iPhone. It would be my last video I would film having long hair. I’ve gotten some personal praise from friends on it and felt it was time to share beyond Facebook and my Youtube page.

John Lithgow on stage at Book Expo America 2011

I was lucky enough to get a front row seat to John Lithgow’s Insight Stages promoting his upcoming memoir DRAMA: An Actor’s Education.  It was a fun and enjoyable presentation.  I edited it into three parts for time (per to Youtube’s standards) and continuity in terms of thoughts and stories flowing well.  I hope you appreciate.  Without even having a chance to yet read my galley I can say the book will be worth it.

Worth a Watch, Laugh, Cry at the Reality, Laugh again!

I Love Local Commercials -Rhett & Link are two video directors who travel the country making commercials much like REAL Local commercials, but with higher quality and more intentional humor.

(thanks to my buddy Cash4 for the heads up on this one)