Nerd Notes 3/12/2012

While it’s nice that Microsoft still offers Movie Maker 2.6 for folks who don’t like or need a more refined software than the dumbed down Windows Live Movie Maker, it’s not the same thing as Vista Movie Maker a free program only available through Vista.  That software will work on a Windows 7 machine and luckily Techbliss is offering it.

When “Clerks 2” came out William Garvey, composer and writer of the Q Lazzarus hit track “Goodbye Horses” made famous in “Silence of the Lambs” did a remix for the film, this more uppy, happy, transcendant version was never released, but again in a turn of luck, William Garvey put it on his website for the world.

Edward Pun, an artist at Sucker Punch Productions, makers/creators of the video games Sly Fox &  inFAMOUS edits a collection of comics by other Sucker Punch artists called ATOMIC LEAD , they include work by Dev Madan, former DC artist and co-creator of Young Heroes in Love and artist on the Sly Fox comic produced in 2004.

In The Darkness II video game there is a short film featured on a TV, they show the entire flick, but you can’t zoom into it, something about the movie felt like it was something they borrowed from elsewhere and I was correct.  It’s called The Other Gods, a short silent film desigbed and sold as if it’s from the 20’s, except it was made in the aughties. (The Other Gods)

There’s quite a few OZ films coming out in 2012 including the animated Dorothy of OZ and a prequel starring James Franco, but another is a Sequel/Reimaging from BBC Films called Dorothy and The Witches of OZ which borrows from the concepts of other modern retellings such as the Wonderland miniseries and Once Upon A Time.

The live action trailer for video game SLEEPING DOGS the formerly titled True Crime-Hong Kong,  is really a quality production,  I’m as excited about this game as I have been since day one of its existence and through it’s troubled turmoil life cycle.

Here’s a video of Paul Williams in full “Planet of The Apes” make-up and costume from a Tonight Show with Johnny Carson episode (via Rock* games)

No trailer or website exists from Billy Bob Thorton’s Jayne Mansfield’s Car, but between the cast, plot and it being a Thorton flick, I’m quite excited as it’s been 11 years since Billy Bob wrote/directed.

Something Else by Dried Brains is an example of simple Flash cartoons that can be high quality and hilarious are alive and well.

If you like indie musicians, ukulele and The Beatles, I have the website/project for you.  Some of my favorite indie folks and friends have been involved in this one including Bree Sharp, Alyson Greenfield, Andrew Vladeck and many more.

I’m not sold on HTML 5 but this scrollable comic called SOUL REAPER is a good example of what can be done.

Movies in 2012 I am tentatively excited by

There are lots of movies in 2012, some only in post production, some only with a minimum of information and others with full on trailers to give you a feel for the film, enough to at least state that you’re more than genuinely interested.  This list has some of all of that.  Links are provided to trailers or official websites where possible.  As release dates and availability is always subject to change till the last minute I’ll leave that information off.

Haywire: The latest from Steven Soderbergh, and the first feature for the sexiest woman who can legitimately kick people’s ass next to Zoe Bell.  Can Gina Carano actually act?  Well, that’s what’s left to be seen.  The last time Soderbergh took a chance on a total unknown commodity was porn star Sasha Grey, so… we shall see.  The film does have the fact that it stars Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas in acting bulk of the film, so if all Gina really needs to do is kick ass and look good, this movie should actually work, even if it’s been awhile since Steve shot one out of the park.

The Expendables 2: The first Expendables failed in many ways, story, character development, plot construction, even dialogue, all things we know Sly Stallone are good as a screenwriter, but somehow he missed the mark.  Maybe it was because he was hoping for a different crew and ended up with who he got, but didn’t rethink the film when he didn’t get a cast that didn’t need as much development as characters.  Despite all that it was an excellent  action flick and from the trailer alone it looks like story and character development was fore front in the mind for this sequel.  Also Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme are promoted for this one and Schwarzenegger and Willis’  roles seem way more pronounced, so the dream movie of tons of action stars at once is more realized

Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby:  This one is actually still in production, but has been slapped with a Christmas 2012 release date.  With Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character, Tobey Maguire as the actual main character Nick Caraway and a cast rounded out with Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher,Jason Callhan and Joel Edgerton it compelling enough.  Add in that  2 time academy award winning costume designer Catherine Miller is back along for the ride and Craig Pearce who was not there for Australia, but fleshed out Moulin Rogue and Romeo+Juilet is back as well, I have high hopes for this one without seeing a single roll of film.

Battleship: Sure Peter Berg made Hancock, but before that he made The Rundown, The Kingdom and Very Bad Things.  This huge blockbuster explosions galore, aliens and the armed forces menagerie was crafted by The Hoeber brothers who gave us the pretty okay adaptations of almost unadaptive comics Whiteout and RED.  There’s a good cast here and the trailer just has some top notch high energy and well, all that other stuff I mentioned.

Men in Black 3: A third MiB film does seem like it’s pushing it and here’s hoping that they have at least a throwaway line explaining where Jeebs, Frank the Pug, Laura and Agent K’s wife are.   Since Sonnenfield is still at helm as director I have to keep my hopes that everything will addressed for the long time fan without confusing the possible new fan coming in to a 15 year old franchise with a lot of history.  Speaking of franchises with History… that brings us to the next film.

American Reunion: It seems a little weird that the people who would write and direct the reunion film for the gang from American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding would be the guys who brought us all 3 Harold and Kumar films, but since Herz produced and all the actors, none who are begging for work agreed to return to these characters, means the script had to actually be punchy.  The trailer itself shows a lot of quality updating and humor and sexual funny, instead of scatological.  There’s disgusting to be disgusting and then intelligent disgusting.  It exists and like previous American Pie films it looks like they succeeded.  They even brought back Chris Owens as Chuck Sherman… this is a serious reunion.  It’s the kind of film I’d love to see other films do even.  Ya know with the right script.

METH HEAD: It’s a first full length feature for the director and there’s no trailer, but between the plot, subject matter and the fact that it stars Lukas Haas and features Curtis Smith’s first ever movie score, I’m compelled.

On The Road: Like Baz Luhrman’s Gatsby I’m excited for this with baited breath.  It has a competent cast that should handle the intracies of story and plot lpnety well.  What makes me think this will actually be any good is that it’s from the team that that brought Che Guevera’s  The Motorcycle Diaries to life on the big screen.  If any film should/could turned out horribly it was that, but instead Sallies and Rivera knocked it out of the ball park.  They get the times, they get that language and I’m sure they can do the same thing for Kerouac that they did for Che.

Wanderlust: The latest from David Wain and Ken Marino,who gave us Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models, not to mention The State.  Additionally David Wain was in Stella and Wainy Days and Ken Marino is well… Ken Marino.  After the The State, as an actor he was in Dawson’s Creek,Veronica Mars, REAPER,  Party Down and Children’s Hospital, as well as Wainy Days.  This flick  romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd with an awesome back up ensemble including Ray Liotta, Kerri Kinney, Alan Alda, Joe LoTruglio, Lauren Ambrose and Malin Akerman.  It looks really funny and just one of those feel good flicks with some great weirdness you expect from Wain.  Supposedly Aniston also goes topless and it isn’t cropped like it was in The Ex.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax:  I recently finally saw the  Horton Hears a Who and found it unbelievably charming and clever.  I was expecting to hate it and I ended up loving it.  The writers of that also wrote this and they also wrote Despicable Me.  On Lorax they team with one half of their Despicable Me partner in Chris Renaud who gets assistance from Despicable layout supervisor.  I assume Pierre Coffin started the pre-production on Despicable Me 2 while this happened.  The trailers definitely have me stoked and Danny Devito as The Lorax is pure excellence and luck.  I mean he could play him if it was live action even!

Sushi Girl: This is writer/director Kern Saxton’s first feature, but it has a a lot power behind it.  His long time producer and collaborator on shorts has been Destin of Millionaire Matchmaker fame.  Destin’s success on that show I am sure helped him get the backing for this crazy wild violent sexy heist flick with a cast that features Tony Todd, James Duvall, Mark Hammill, Noah Hathaway, Sonny Chiba, Jeff Fahey and Danny Trejo.  One look at the trailer and if you aren’t hooked then you just don’t like these kind of films.

Dorothy of Oz:  This upcoming animated feature is being touted as a supposed sequel to Wizard of Oz and is a musical starring Leah Michelle, Martin Short, Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Stewart, James Belishi, Oliver Platt, Hugh Dancy, Dan Ackroyd and Megan Hilty (who will soon be seen as a regular in NBC’s SMASH ).  The website has great interviews with the cast and crew that really make excited for this.  They’re basing it off a book by Roger S. Baum which is not cannon, allowing it to go places not before imagined, even if that pissed of Ozonians.  I don’t care as long as the animation is good, the story is fun and the music is well composed.

16-Love: I’ll be honest, this teenage romantic comedy based on Tennis isn’t really calling to me but god damn it if Lindsey Shaw and Lindsey Black  aren’t compelling to watch (read: super cute, infectious and totally hawt).

Playback: There’s no real trailer for this thriller, but there is an e-book trailer and the fact there is an original e-book developed as a prequel, along with the plot being built around Louis Le Prince makes it interesting.  The fact that it stars Christian Slater, Alessandra Torresani , Johnny Pacar, Mark Metcalf and Daryl Mitchell doesn’t hurt either.

Being Flynn: An adaptation of the Nick Flynn memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City starring Paul Dano as Nick and Robert DeNiro as his estranged homeless father Jonathan.  Written and directed by Paul Weitz,whose last adaptation work of this type was Nick Hornsby’s About A Boy, this looks like a strong drama with exciting acting telling the true story of one of America’s greatest poets.

Of course 2012 will also see The Dark Knight Rises, The Woman in Black, Warm Bodies, Underworld: Awakenings, The Hunger Games, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, John Carter, Jack the Giant Killer, Gone, The Five Year Engagement, Rise of the Guardians and many more to look forward to tentatively.  Will I see any of these films?  Will I instead see movies not even listed here?

That’s for myself to answer when the time comes.  I still have plenty of 2011 to still catch up on and I won’t even get into that right now… it’s for a different entry/post/article.

A Gaggle of Outdated but Still Relevant Links

First up the band OK Go did an awesome cover version of The Muppets Theme song and then did an Official video for it with The Muppets to promote the special Green Album which is full of official cover versions of some of Jim Henson’s greatest hits.

I don’t care about this one, BUT, hey the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is LIVE.

Here’s a Teaser Trailer for the next PIXAR flick BRAVE which is about Irish legends and hot redhead as the hero, looks a bit Dreamworks Animation than PIXAR I feel.

Trailers for books are getting really crazy. I’ve seen a few impressive ones before, but this is the biggest movie trailer like one yet, well more like a TV series trailer, but still. It’s for a fantasy action series called The Black Prism.

Book promotions have become so crazy they made a FACEBOOK game for the Eragorn series.

Here’s an article all about Alice Cooper’s new album and teaming up with Ke$ha, plus a preview.

I’m not sure how to use this movie collection software, but it’s free.

Best Music Video EVER, starring Patton Oswalt, directed by WFMU radio’s Tom Scharpling, great article and then the video.

For your interest and curiosity, New York Comic Con Show Specials and Exclusives.

Been watching this hilarious show called KIDS REACT on Youtube. They have 27 episodes so far. They have some really funny and cool kids on this, all the same kids each week, so you really get to learn about the kids as they react to popular things in the world.
The same production company also put together this fake SAVED BY THE BELL game, where you click through different videos based on a choice you make, sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure.

Nerd Notes (Music, Comics and Movies!) 8-09-2011

Some of these I’m “late to the party” but that doesn’t make them any less insignificant or worthy of mention still.

New 303H! single/video for the song “ROBOT” from their forthcoming album.

Interview and video link for the Drew Barrymore’s directed music video “Our Deal” by The Best Coast starring Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove, Tyler Posey, Donald Glover and Chloe Moretz

The Wrong Ferrarri, a movie made by and starring songwriter Adam Green, with appearances by Macauley Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Lewis, Corey Kennedy, and many more people you might know.

A 20th Anniversary Tribute Album to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” put together by SPIN with tracks by Meat Puppets, Butch Walker, Vaselines, Amanda Palmer and more. Some really great stuff on this one.

Jim Lawson, comic artist most famous for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after Laird & Eastman, has posted the sequel to his excellent dinosaur comic PALEO (which is in my drawers somewhere) as a blog/webcomic.

Good casual point and click mystery game based on TNT’s Rizolli & Isles.

Now some Movie Trailers!

TWIXT: Francis Ford Copolla’s newest with Val Kilmer in the lead, as a horror novelist studying a murder mystery.

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY: The first feature film adaptation of the John Le Carre’s “classic” starring Gary Oldman, Colin Firth,

RESURRECT DEAD-THE MYSTERY OF THE TOYNBEE TILES: Fascinating documentary of a truly compelling subject.

Looking at Trailers of Movies Coming Soon

Abduction: Taylor Lautner’s first lead role shows him in what looks to be a pretty good action-adventure film that will work for his already established teeny-bopper and teen fans and propel him into being up there with say a Shia Lebeouf or something like that. Taylor looks like he might’ve returned to his former world champion Martial Arts skills here as well. I’m also pretty curious to see what John Singleton did with something completely out of his comfort zone, especially from a script for the lead singer of stellastar*, who finally has one of his purchased scripts actually turned into film.

The Adventures of Tintin : The trailer truly doesn’t shown off much of what Steven Spielberg’s long wanted project will truly be like, but it definitely gives a feel for the motion capture animation and that there’s a fun intesity one would expect. I’m really curious to see what a Stephen Moffat script reworked by Edgar Wright and directed by Steven Spielberg with production from Peter Jackson using technology devised by Robert Zemekis and James Cameron shall end up being like that. It could be as bad as say A.I., Indiana Jones 4 and War of the Worlds or it could finally be the feather Spielberg needs back in his cap.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: I must admit the original books do not excite me as most other people. I also didn’t really enjoy the original translation other than the awesomeness of Noomi Rapace. Despite all that this trailer truly excited me. This is pure Fincher based on the trailer. This is the David Fincher who made Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room and Zodiac, instead of the one who made Benjamin Button and/or Social Network. I’m assuming there’s a pretty strong adaptation here as well, as the screen writer is accomplished. Although I have a feeling that won’t be what I’m enjoying in this film, it’ll be much more about performances, set pieces, editing and camera work.

Dont Be Afraid of the Dark: I am/was a huge fan of Troy Nixey’s comic work, especially his two “children’s” books with Andrew Cosby. I am less familiar with the short film that brought Troy to Del Toro’s attention and I am even less familiar with the original TV movie tis film is a remake of. The idea of Troy Nixey on a Guillermo produced horror film about a haunted mansion is enough for me to go on. Those two minds together are compelling and the trailer is a good seller.

Spy Kids 4-All The Time In The World: Honestly after Spy Kids 3 and the awesomesauce of Sly Stallone I really don’t see the point of this film, BUT any excuse to get Alexa Vega in something skin tight again is good enough for me. It seems from the trailer the Spy Kids moniker will be in place and we’ll get more of thsese new kids, but there seems to be plenty of Jessica Alba as well. Rodriguez with each of the Kids films has definietly made an attempt to make a kids film that the parents can sit through and enjoy, so I’m predicting he’s done the same here. Also, Alexa Vega in skin tight outfit. I’d probably be less excited about this if Darryn Soussman’s Mother’s Day in which Alexa plays a hooker was made easily available to see in America, but it’s not so… oh also, Ricky Gervais as the voice of the spy dog and Jeremy Piven as the bad guy definietely edge of the cool quotient.

Moneyball: I hate sports, but I love dramatic sports films. Hoosiers, Any Given Sunday, Bull Durham. There’s been a lack of baseball films based on real events, but there has been Cobb, 61, etc. Moneyball seems to be much more about backroom drama than baseball as it should be. There’s an amazing cast here on top of Brad Pitt. Although I’m quite ambivalent about Jonah Hill and the trailer doesn’t help there. From a drama standpoint it seems comeplleing, even if I really don’t care about the subject matter. It should have some amazing dialogue with an Aaron Sorkin rewrite and I’m very curious to see Bennett Miller’s return to film so long after his brilliant Capote. That film proved he definitely knows how to take a boring iceberg salad and make it tasty with handmade croutons and dressing.

The Hobbit: I really don’t have much to say about this one. I’m glad to see it happening after its production hell and this isn’t actually a trailer, but a production blog. These are always fascinating and you can at least see Jackson as excited about this as he has been with everything else he’s done.

30 Minutes of Less: This is quite an interesting follow-up for the director of Zombieland. It’s an oddball comedy starring three of the funniest dudes in the world and… Jesse Eisenberg. The trailer definitely got me interested for something that looks totally stupid. The kind of movie you hope to find at 11 PM on HBO/Showtime when you don’t know what to watch and you’re stoned.

The Change-Up: The writers of Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past and The Hangover teamed with the director of Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus sounds like the possibility for something funny, yet retarded. The trailer is both… there’s lame piss & shit jokes and it’s a retread on the Vice Versa/Freaky Friday/Like Father, Like Son motif, but it does look fun. It’s kind of hard to not be fun with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman as your stars though, but seriously, there’s way too many piss & shit jokes and those are just not funny.

Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter: I haven’t read this book, and not sure if I want to, but with Tibur Bekmambetov at the helm it could be awesome. Man knows vampires and he knows action. I can only hope the films ends up as good as the trailer for the book.