US Book Show 2022 Day One

Virtual cons are really not the same as a the real thing. Getting to really breath in an elaborate booth, truly meet fellow fans and professionals, waiting in lines for that one ARC, or better yet in my opinion THE SWAG. Bookmarks, exclusive enamel pins, weird collectibles, tote bags promoting a publisher or book to use all over your city like a walking advertisement. That was different world though. Maybe it’ll return for those in the industry who aren’t librarians (but wishes they could be), maybe it won’t.  None of that takes away from some of the pros of a Virtual con. One of those top ones I’d say is experiencing a panel while still exploring other things be it at the con, or websites related to books and entertainment.

Photo credit: Nancy Crampton

One such experience came during David Sedaris’ Monday afternoon sitdown where one could enjoyably chat with others watching from home or work, be engrossed but continuing to look through the exhibit halls.  Sedaris was also a complete joy, I loved his statement of hating his work being lumped in categories such as humorist currently or in the past slotted as gay, when it should be considered writing. He even suggested his category be “King of Writing” and he said it so nonchalantly that it was charming as heck.

In those exhibit halls which I am still walking now on day 2 I discovered books I was unaware of either coming out soon or that escaped my radar. Aconyte’s line of UBISOFT fiction, original novels based in Assassins’ Creed, Watchdogs, and the Tom Clancy games with quote a few already out but ones such as The Magus Conspiracy by Kate Heartfield , Available August 2, 2022

Also was Welcome to St. Hell by Lewis Hancox. The graphic novel/memoir/coming of age transexual tale forthcoming from Scholastic is fascinating and I look forward to reading the ARC. Before this I had not known of Lewis Hancox either but now I am a huge fan.  They are funny, their comic art style is also super fun. Check it out.

I look forward to learning of more books through the panel discussions and already have a few I really look forward to in the graphic novel reign from a Day 2 session.


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