Trying to predict NYCC and reflecting

At last year’s Comic-Con Stan Lee made tons of announcements.

The beginning pre-promotion for one of 2011’s best films HANNA began (which just came out on Blu-Ray).

SEGA had very pre-release previews of their video game counterparts to CAPTAIN AMERICA and SHIELD. DISNEY was showing off EPIC MICKEY a month before release. ROCKSTAR was previewing RED DEAD REDEMPTION’s expansion Horror pack.

Of course there was tons more, but I’m trying to figure out what special secrets, early promotions might exist.

Most of the BIG games will be already out or coming out soon at that point (GEARS OF WAR, BATMAN, SPIDER-MAN, ASSASSIN’S CREED, UNCHARTED), so not sure which games will be featured this year.

Hard to predict the films situation too. I’m pretty positive JOHN CARTER and THE HUNGER GAMES will have a major presence since they open March 2012. I’d guess GHOST RIDER too.

I doubt, but would hope for some kind of GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, TINTIN and SHERLOCK HOLMES presence.

I’m assuming some of the newer genre shows like RINGER and TERRA NOVA, but who knows.

In terms of comics, I really can’t say. DC will be on it’s third month of the New 52 and probably still milking it with no new announcements. Marvel will be dealing with continuing fallout from FEAR ITSELF. Dark Horse just did major debuts. So it’ll be up to indies to make a blast… or maybe it’ll be status quo, which can still be fun.

I just know I plan to have as much fun as possible. I know myself better as a reporter now and as a media gatherer. After 5 years of this convention I THINK I have a hang of it. It gets bigger each year though.

No matter what though? FUN!

Oh I am hoping this year will have a better wrestling presence.

Maybe the stars of HULK HOGAN’s MICRO CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING will be there. That’d be freaking awesome!

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