Play “The Forever Labyrinth” — a new browser-based adventure from inkle and Google Arts & Culture

The story wizards at inkle, who recently nabbed three IGF nominations for A Highland Song, have teamed up with Google Arts & Culture on The Forever Labyrinth — a free browser-based game built from art across the world and all of history.

Professor Sheldrake is lost in a labyrinth beyond time itself. Can you find her before the monster finds you?

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The Forever Labyrinth screenshot

In Every Labyrinth, There Is a Monster
The Forever Labyrinth is an ever-changing maze of halls, rooms, clifftops and cellars, filled with the collected works of the entirety of the late human race — and your friend, Professor Sheldrake, is lost somewhere within its walls…

Can you decipher the secrets of the Labyrinth, to find her? Who is the mysterious figure leaving you messages? And will the Labyrinth — and you — survive the collapse that is coming?

The Forever Labyrinth screenshot

Developed by inkle, the creators of acclaimed narrative games such as 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault, and Overboard!, The Forever Labyrinth is a replayable rogue-like adventure. A single run will take about twenty minutes, but you’ll need to play again and again to discover all the game’s secrets.

Explore the Labyrinth room by room, or travel through the very paintings on the walls! Follow the clues to piece together the many mysteries.

Explore Art from Every Era
The art that fills the walls of the Labyrinth is an eclectic mixture of the classic and the modern, the well-known and the obscure, the beautiful and the weird, drawn from the collections of great museums who are keen to share their treasures in new and exciting ways online. What will you find? And where will it take you?

The Forever Labyrinth screenshot

inkle have created The Forever Labyrinth in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, who partner with over 3,000 cultural institutions from more than 80 countries in their mission to make the world’s art and culture accessible and engaging to all. Google Arts & Culture are always looking for ways to tell stories that connect people to culture, so they approached inkle with the challenge of designing a game that takes players on a personal journey of artistic discovery, telling a great story that allows people to discover art in a whole new way.

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