[Steam Next Fest Demo] Don’t be shy, REVEIL, a narrative horror experience, has a demo coming soon.

 REVEIL, a narrative horror experience, has a demo coming soon


Daedalic Entertainment is proud to reveal, for the first time, in front of your very eyes,
a demo of
A narrative horror experience

During the Steam Next Fest, this  October 9 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) to October 16 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7), you too can marvel at the narrative horror experience within. The sights and sounds within may try to deceive, but don’t be alarmed. The circus is here to entertain, in this psychological horror, first-person narrative and puzzle game in a brief demo.

Revel in the atmospheric telling of the mysteries surrounding Walter Thompson, his missing wife and child, and a circus from his memories.


Relive Walter Thompson’s worst memories in this narrative psychological horror experience that feels straight from the brains of Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King. Explore the decaying labyrinth of Walter’s mind, solving puzzles based on his life at an abandoned 1980s circus.

You wake up. You’re disoriented. Your head hurts. Things seem surreal, yet familiar.

Your wife Martha and your daughter Dorie are not there. Why?

Looking for answers, you explore your environment and fragments of memories. On your journey you are repeatedly confronted with riddling tasks, driven by the desire to find out what’s going on.

What happened last night? Why can’t you think of any other thing aside from your days as a stage builder at the circus?

As things get crazier and more bizarre, the lines between reality, memory, and imagination become more and more blurred and you realize: there is no going back. You have to do whatever it takes to bring this story to an end, no matter at what cost.

The only thing that keeps you from giving up is the will to find Martha and Dorie. Do not shut your eyes to the hints left by the two, but keep them wide open …and try to not lose your mind.

“The feeling of safety is an elusive one. It’s not over yet.”


  • A deeply psychological experience that will keep you questioning everything.
  • Five playable acts in different, carefully designed environments.
  • First-person narrative experience including:
    • Various puzzles and riddles
    • Beautiful and immersive visual experience #madewithunity
    • Multi-layered narrative with psychedelic, visceral,and disturbing elements
    • Atmospheric paintings, posters, writings referring to the circus era of the 1960s.
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