Nerd Notes (10/5/2023)

The following trailers are not promotion or marketing. They are meant simply to make sure if you have missed them and come upon this website on your travels through the internet you get to see them and be aware of stuff existing.

When David Ayer hits, he hits good!
14 years laters, Eli Roth finally makes what Thanksgiving would be if instead of a Grindhouse 70’s trailer it was a aughties modern slasher.
One of the not to miss streaming only films to catch this year IMO.
Absolutely fascinating video game. Amazing role for an actor to tackle.
Jack Dawkins, MD.
The Godzilla/Kong verse is big. Very big. Late November.
Little Big x bbno$ – IT HAPPENS… it’s another Little Big masterpiece.
Beautiful animation.
New The Killers!
Absolutely original game mix American Arcadia gets date release and tons of new footage. This game looks so fun and weird and different.
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