Start off 2019 with 1996! Party Time!

As the eve of New Year’s approaches I’m taking a quick look at a collection GN shipping Jan 2nd 2019, the first New Comics Day.

cover by Derek Charm

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan have a long history in comics, but it’s a universe full of such richness that allows it to always be explored, built on and expanded. A colorful cast of characters with both dads, Rufus, Death, Station, the Princesses and friends throughout all time and space the chances for different adventures. I’ve enjoyed everything thrown out there and that doesn’t change with Bill & Ted Save The Universe.

Brian Joines and Bachan who previously did BOOM Comics’ Bill & Ted Go To Hell return to tell a space faring adventure with shocks and surprises. New characters, new twists, new friends, new enemies, new places, new time lines, reveals and more.

Early two page spread from Chapter 1.

On the five year anniversary of the culmination of everything Fate turns its head at a party and once things get crazy they don’t stop. Revealing anything would ruin it for you. Just trust you won’t see what’s coming till the last minute and even if you do, I’m positive it won’t be exactly how you saw it coming unless of course you cheated and used a phonebooth to read ahead or already read it in floppy format.

The collection brings together all 5 issues for a cover price of $20. Go grab it wherever you get comics in the universe.

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