Adventure Pals is a Great Adventure

One of the most addictive, pleasurable, experiences I’ve had in game playing not just in 2018 but a long time was THE ADVENTURE PALS.

A 2-D platforming action-adventure with cutesy art, puzzles and minor combat it delivers the kind of experience a player of my aesthetic, gameplay experience and desires for a challenge without frustration desire.

Offered up is a kawaii-esque boy, giraffe and very shortly living rock off to save family and stop a villain, but along the way new quests, detours and collecting quests get in the way in rambunctious and exciting manners. Who doesn’t love hunting for stickers? Or trying to beat their last time getting through a maze?

In a year with major shooters, RPGs, action-adventure console exclusives and the like, Adventure Pals is just something really fresh. Platformers can be really hard at times, making one to throw the controller across the room or directly at the monitor. Not the case with AP. It’s always satisfying and fun, even when it gets slightly harder it’s at a level of “I’ll get it eventually” instead of “I want to say harsh words to the person who developed this”.

Equally the boss battles are full of fun. They’re puzzles yet, also combat and platform and an amazing combination of cute and ugly gore.

Adventure Pals has a very Cartoon Network feel invoking Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and in some cases cause of character designs The Adventures of Gumball. Yet not feeling like stepping on the shoes of any of those. Artist Julian Wilton seems equally inspired by traditional graphic design and cartooning to create his own personal style that is as a joy to behold as Jay Armstrong’s coding that lets such great art operate in a game very fun to play.

ADVENTURE PALS is available on almost all platforms (Steam, GOG, Switch, PS4 and Xbone) for $15 when bought at regular price.

Grab it now!

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