NYCC 2012: When the work is Dirty, you call them and then they call you

At NYCC I had the privilege to sit with actors Hank Harris, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jamie Clayton to discuss their interactive web series DIRTY WORK, part of the very awesome and amazing Rides.TV from Fourth Wall Productions.   During the talk lots of subjects were discussed from acting in a role which required a bit of a different style because of the elements involved, to the particulars of Jamie’s character and her landing the role.  Mary Lynn also mentions she’ll be in the upcoming Arrested Development episodes on Netflix.  Here’s hoping she got to have scenes with both her former co-stars in David Cross (on Mr. Show) AND Jeffrey Tambor (on Larry Sanders).

At the end of this I’ll be posting the video of the roundtable interview for all to see in full.

Firstly, let me just discuss RIDES.TV quickly.   This internet only channel features shows of varying types and length, but all in the premise of interaction and immersion.  When you provide the site your cell number, it connects when you watch a show and you’ll receive txts, images and phone calls that add to the experience with inner thoughts, voice mails, or side information that builds the plot & gives you information that now only you and another character knows but that the others don’t.  It’s an innovative and exciting way to present information.  What’s awesome is most of the shows can be enjoyed without that phone concept as they’re well written and very well acted.  Currently the site has a motion comic/cartoon, a few dramatic/comedy shorts and a Wall of Suspense & Horror that reminds one of episodes from Twilight Zone/Tales from the Darkside.  Most recently they added a short with Ethan Embry and Michael Ironside.

The series that I found most enjoyable of course was DIRTY WORK, an ensemble comedy about people who clean up after crime scenes.  After that investigating and all that jazz, someone has to come in and clean up all the blood & guts not taken into evidence.  So far there were only three episodes, but they are really funny 23 minute episodes with amazing bonuses and extras.   All that out of the way, here’s the interview.

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