New York Comic Con 2012: Day 0 (IcV2 x He-Man and Assassin’s)

On the day before NYCC I attended the second ever IcV2 Conference on Comics & Digital.  The first conference was in 2011 and was fascinating, but this year was actually more lively and fun.  Less conference and more panel sessions.  Hearing folks like Jimmy Gownley and Francoise Mouly among other discuss Kid’s Comics was excellent.  Dave Gibbons, Mark Waid, Brian Haberlin and folks from Comixology and DC dicuss digital, monetization, thoughts of formats and more were just as excellent.  Yet my highlight for the entire event on top of meeting some cool fellow journalists and comics people doing cool things, was the chat between Chris Hardwick (now of Nerdist ) and Fred Seibert (Frederator).  They ended up speaking for 40 minutes in a scheduled 25 minute session and that fact even becomes part of the talk.  I’ve got talks with Frederator & Nerdist running, so while the video for that is now online, I won’t be sharing it just yet.  I can share this photo of myself with Fred and Chris though.

Once IcV2 ended I made my way downtown to Toy Tokyo for a special He-Man and the Masters of the Universe event where I was able to see the soon to be released He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe iPhone/iPad/Android game.  On the walls were tons of original art from the likes of Alvin Lee, Wellington Alves, Dave Wilkins and more.  My favorite piece was definintely the Orko by Dan Hipp barnone though, but I love most Hipp artwork.

After the MOTU event I went around the corner to another art event, this one dedicated to Assassin’s Creed 3.  There were lots of nice art on the walls, nothing really JUMPED at me, but I have those in my NYCC 2012 Flickr set, along with stuff from MOTU as well.  There was also a photobooth at the AC3 event and food and drinks, so it made a great way to end the evening before coming home, editing and getting ready for today and Day One of NYCC.  After today when the con opens at 3 PM, I’ll be busting out of the house as early as 6 or 7 AM starting Friday, so this will actually be my final full length post on here for a few.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (not as much Instagram, photos are being shot on a camera, as the iPhone is being used primarily for video, tweeting and e-mails)


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