New Orleans Jan 2024 Trip Days 3 and 4

On Wednesday mother went downtown and after the bank and some walking went to breakfast at Cafe Fleur de Lis. I had eggs, pancakes and a slab of pork belly, mother had an avocado omlette and grits.

After we got on the #12 St Charles Trolley down to Audobon Park. We then walked the length of the park to meet Pam, Nerina and Meriel at Audobon Zoo. Because they had just joined the library they were able to arrange fr us to all get in free.

The zoo was amazing and really should not be called a zoo with the amount of art, immersive art and museum like information as well as set pieces and details that made you feel like you were in Universal Studios. We got to see a jaguar get fed, an albino alligator, sloths, elephants, bears and lions, oh my.

For dinner we headed to Frenchman st where we ate at Snug Harbor. Options for me there we low but I had a very tasty burger with Jamblaya while the ladies all had seafood. Also had an amazing brownie, fudgy with plenty walnuts and a good size.

After we walked Frenchman for a bit, we walked into the Artist’s alley where I picked up a pipe. We enjoyed the music and then made our way to Bourbon taking in the sights and sounds slowly making our way down out of the French Quarter to head back to our respective homes.

Mother and I had walked a minimum of 8 miles.

Thursday Pam (sans the twins) came over to our place and we took a bus and trolley down to right outside the French Quarter. We had a small bite at The Palace Dinner [I had white chocolate bread pudding, mother turtle soup and pam the gumbo). I then bid the ladies goodbye as they went off to the Bayou and I chose to explore the French Quarter as there was much I had not seen.

I got myself a Delta 9 lemonade, drank it and started walking down various blocks zig zagging through the quarter. I stopped in art galleries, book stores, food shops, knick knacks, clothing, thrift, etc.

I took a long detour even at the Pharmacy museum inbetween shopping and exploring.

I ended up getting a pair of earrings of Smurfs, a book [The Sound of Building Coffins by Louis Maistros] published by the book store (Crescent City), Creole Chickory coffee at Pierre Lafitte Trading Company, pralines at Magnolia, and DVDs at Arcadian Books [a bunch of stuff I didn’t even knew existed and looked really interesting for $20 and with the Free pile outside I really got my money’s worth].

My last stop on my own was Willie’s Chick Shack to get some real Louisiana fried chicken and creole fries with a biscuit. As I was having this for the first time the THC drink hit hard and to my left I got to experience three rowdy sexy partying ladies flirting with a promotor/club wrangler and boy howdy it was a triple dose of sound, visual, and taste at the same time and wonderful and memorable indeed.

After a very long walk back to the other side of the Quarter I met up with Pam and mom at the Carousel Bar but it was crowded so after a bit relaxing and bearings we ended up at Mr. Ed’s for a dinner. I finally got have some gumbo (they had one without seafood) and had a poboy, mom had alligator bites and I can’t completely recall what Pam had. We then walked out of the French Quarter but not before hearing wild conversations, a small band parade and stilt walkers (and no, not just cause I was high, they were real). Then it was back to the home, Pam came back with us and then left for her place from here.

I got to watch the newest episode of Death and Other Details which is currently on my tops for 2024.

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