New Orleans Jan 2024 Trip-Day 5 and 6

Went to the French Quarter with plans to eat the Ruby Slipper again and then meet Pam and the girls at French Market. Ruby Slipper was a 35 minute wait to be seated so we made our way up Decatur stopping in shops along the way. Around 11 we found a place we agreed upon. Cafe Maspero. I had a Mufalatta and mother had a ham and cheese comlette with cheese grits, then we shared beignet sticks, (beignet in the shape and form of a french fry). After more walking was done and shopping on Decatur. I got playing cards, we both got jewelry, and more. We explored the Market, met up with Pam and then the girls.

Pam, mother and I went to the NOLA Museum of Jazz while the girls explored French Market. Lots of awesome exhibits, also saw a live performance by Marc Stone. The museum took up a nice chunk of time, a couple hours actually taking every thing in plus the concert. After we walked around a bit more exploring before grabbing an early dinner but far removed from breakfast/lunch to be famished.

Went to Zhang Bistro where mother and I shared a coconut chicken soup and duck pad thai, the girls all had other dishes which I do not recall. I was fairly stoned from the rest of the THC Lemonade made in Baton Rouge that I purchased the day before. Dinner was tasty.

To cap the evening we walked over to Royal and Esplanade to watch the Le Boheme parade. It was mesmerizing display of sight and sound and the perfect end to a vacation before a final breakfast and boarding the plane this morning back to NYC.

There is plenty I did not see. Bywater, city park, certain museums, cemetaries, but time and also a not completely cooperative weather got things turned inside out and upside down. Still a wonderful trip and the reasons for it fufilled.

The next day before getting on the plane back to New York we were brought to docks near where we had a small breakfast at a local diner spot Russell’s Marina Grill. The weather wasn’t nice enough to really enjoy views of Lake Pontchartrain, so we headed back to the house we were renting and waited for the cab to the aiport with Pam to say goodbye to us officially.

Everything from there was mostly smooth sailing. At the airport back in NYC we encountered issues with getting a ride home, but it was rectified and I saw Eric Andre and got to yell I love you to him in a random encounter and that’s the trip. I would definitely return to New Orlean and maybe one day I will.

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