Nerd Notes (4/20/23)

Footage from Early Morning Guy Steele’s Early Morning Show and more in Brian Zane’s newest Wregret.

High Desert on Apple TV+. Patricia Arquette, Matt Dillon, Brad Garrett, Christine Taylor. The first original series from an established team of writers on mystery and comedy and comedy mysteries.

LEGO x Sonic the Hedgehog. Hilarious commercial.

A Cinema Verite of Tina Satter’s Is This A Room based on the FBI interview transcript of Reality Winner.


The Wonderful Women of Psychonauts 2 and Double Fine. Nice little documentary pieces showing off artists, coders, etc. who should be honored everyday.

OxenFree II trailer. I am excited.

‘Ello, ‘ello. I already know how great Robert Englund is beyond Nightmare, but a documentary covering him and his lack of flowers meaning, getting his flowers is great.

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