Nerd Notes 12/9/2023

This “ad” for The Killers new greatest hits is rocking.
This hit Prime with little promotion but looks great.
In case you didn’t know, Adam C. Hall has a band.
Sebastian Back released new music 12/8/23
Guns N Roses also released new music 12/8/23
Based on Harlan Coben’s novel. Looks excellent.
I’m sure Sabrina could kiss me better than Santa… but who knows.
1 hour, 9 minutes of “Mr. Show” improv… it’s ridiculous.
I like that despite being supposdley a remake this has NOTHING to do with the movie other than the title.
In this trailer it feels so much more like KONG vs The New Empire (co starring Godzilla) but hopefully this is just a Kong tease.
I really am hping this movie goes really dark since it is A24. We’ll see.
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