Nerd Notes 10/28/23

A long delayed Nerd Notes of music videos and trailers that have caught the attention of PCS and its consituents recently. Coming soon on this site will be a review of the game VLAD Circus, posts with videos you would have missed if you don’t follow Reid Harris Cooper on Youtube from offsite NYCC 2023 events as well as footage from the show floor of NABShow 2023 and shortly after a review of The Invincible after embargo, as well as who knows what. Until then, here’s them videos.

MIKA is wonderful in any language.
Just sharing good eye and ear candy.
RHC volunteers by request as a moderator as well as a remote producer on their Monday Pop-culture for live programs on Perception Studios stuff. This 3 part Halloween Special is a pre-recorded YT exclusive and some of the most fun you might have. After watching go over to Part 2 and subsribe for more.:
More MIKA!
I have read Matz and Luc Jacamon’s comic about 5 times since it first came out in English from Archaia in 2007. I am more than quite interested to see what long time creative partners Andrew Kevin Walker and David Fincher did with the material.
Mckenna Grace just gets better and better.
This strange movie looks excellent.
Sami Esmail adapted this 2020 wonderful but also dismal novel by Rumaan Alam into a movie and got a what could be called stunt casting cast.
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