Nerd Notes 10/18/23

Rally enjoy the videos Ghost Machine have been releasing to promote the new comics company.
Umfamiliar with the novel this is based on and it looks fascinating.
The Flames of Love AKA (Billy Avery & Leslie “Hydra” Butterscotch) haven’t posted a promo in 10 months. Before that it was 10 years. I hope this is just the start of something!
“It is so much more vast than you can even imagine”… this is just one of franchise expansions that are mindblowing.
Cooking sim and visual novel in the “Chicken Police” world? Yes please.
Tiger is now a legit franchise.
New animation short series worth watching.
Dumb Ways to Die lore… amazing!

If you don’t already watch Mukpuddy cartoons, go now

New Craig Wedren!
Next on… Alan Wake.
Good sounds.

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