Nerd Notes 1-29-2024

The longest Nerd Notes you’ll have seen in a long time. Six days away in New Orleans means six days of catch up. Here are the trailers, music videos and what have you from YT and the internet that have caught my eye since I’ve been away and have come back between Jan 22-28th, 2024 and some bonuses from 1-29.

A COSMIC MOVIE CAMERA: DO NOT MISS THIS IMMERSIVE ART EXHIBIT EXPERIENCE YOU CAN ENJOY SAFELY FROM HOME BUT SEE IN PERSON TOO AS IF YOU ARE THERE (the films, the audio, the text, all of it, the floors, the layout, best interactive online real exhibit I’ve seen yet)

Apple TV+ shows have been some of the best and this looks like another hit. Amazing cas and the creator has a very strong pedigree.
Andrew Scott is a wonder and with Steve Zallion at the helm, I feel this new adaptation of the modern thriller should be quite the compelling series.
Got chills watching this and knowing A24 there’s so much more to this film than this trailer.
From the same studio who did the Da Vinci puzzle series, so I feel this will be a great brain teaser and visual fest.
An actual Boy’s Manga from an writer and artist perfectly suited to tell this strange but wonderful love story.
A short from the 2024 graduating class of The Animation Workshop.
An all original, never seen before in any format Anime from the creator of Afro Samurai and the director of the anime adaptation of  Jujutsu Kaisen.
Another excellent 8 Bit
Richard Linklater films ALWAYS hit good.
Unfamiliar with the source material, but Sam Neill and Annette Bening in the cast and production has a good pedigree, looks interesting.
Merely an announcement trailer but be assured when Feb 1st comes around in days I’ll be listening to that new Billy Joel track for sure!
The Rick and Morty anime actually has good vibes.
At the end of the day it’s a live action adaptation of a an American anime. There will be people who will love it and others who hate it. I just want to watch it.
I’ll watch is as it hits YT for sure! Follow Grouse House.
New Guns n Roses. I like it.
Yay! Can’t wait to see what the B story is!
Behind the scenes/Making of Monarch footage. It’s crazy how simple it looks to how crazy they end up making it appear. I love that even after being the business for 30+ years I can love the art of film.
The entire red carpet premiere.
It’s so good. Give me a Bradley Calder movie.
new Wedren always a treat.
It’s looks so bad that it looks good.
Good teaser. I’m intrigued.
new Yungblud.
new ThxSoMuch.
quality sounds and visuals.
Cuts the song early (and the song is great) but these Alex Da Corte visuals.
John Cena lipsynching to Boy George…. wow.
Speaking of John Cena… holy shit.
This looks intense. Dev Patel as a modern day Hanuman with Sharlto and a amazing cast of Bollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, and Telugu, etc. greats.
This looks fun to play.
They built an entire section of an amusement park dedicated to the property, of course there was gonna be more movies on top of that. How could there not be?!?
I usually keep wrestling off of Nerd Notes, but…
Super spoilery trailer, but still excited for the second Ghostbusters redux film from Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman.
I did not get hacked, I did not. Oh, hello Password!
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