I “beat” Dave The Diver

Easily on my Best of 2023 list. Granted my bias is to the type of games I personally enjoy, but except for parts where I said “That wasn’t fun”, a huge favorite. I tend to say “I didn’t like that part” with most of my favorite games. Games are designed for many people, inherently part or at least one level will feel so frustrating that there wasn’t fun… it was just get through it to get to what you liked. Dave the Diver tries to be a little bit of everything and by that I mean EVERYTHING. Almost the only thing “missing” is a point and click or word tree puzzle. Also, you can pet the cat. There is no dog, but if there was, you could pet it. For me the chance to appreciate seafood again since my allergies went so strong I can’t even eat a can of tuna, it was an absolute joy.

I wrote this just cause I wanted to say something about the game. I paid for my copy. I attempted a press copy and was denied as the too many outfits put in requests. The game sold many copies. It was super popular. Yet, I also worry it’ll be forgotten and it shouldn’t be, it has lots of life, lots of leg and even once “beaten” infinite playability from the visuals, concepts and I would think even after 100% the desire to maybe do even better then the last time you played.The story itself is strong enough for replays too even with certain frustrating parts… which actually are still forgiving as hell. The only issue is still a lack of accessbility options for some of the “fishing” but if you fixed those you’d need to fix the harder section which just rely on being good at gaming with no physicaly disabilities being a barrier and then it just becomes a different game alltogether. That’s a shame, but a fact.

I could see myself 5 years from now picking up this game and still finding it a pleasure because of its use of simple pixel graphics while being intensely visually stunning. Something about that simple graphic and animation I feel will be forever loved and a style used even 25 years from now.

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