Hammer of Virtue Smashes Onto Steam Today

Topple buildings, bash enemies, and cause chaos with split-screen co-op and deathmatch modes

STOCKHOLM – August 7, 2023 – Hammer of Virtuethe action game set in a fully destructible futuristic landscape from developer No Pest Productions, comes out swinging on PC via Steam today. A PlayStation 5 version will emerge from the rubble to bring down the house in 2024.

n the game’s narrative, humanity faces a grave threat from the rogue organization Scientific Freedom, which wields an extensive arsenal of force fields and cybernetic creatures. The protagonist, armed with an impressive hammer and virtually impenetrable suit of armor, emerges as Earth’s best hope for freedom. 

Hammer of Virtue immerses players in a vibrant melee-action experience across 20 distinctive stages. It encourages creative gameplay through a physics-based environment, presenting opportunities to leverage elements such as launching trees at enemies, causing homes to crash onto adversaries, or catapulting defeated foes into distant threats.

Clobber club-wielding robots, armored bears, and hulking T-Rexs capable of toppling buildings in a single charge. Lock onto enemies and enter the fray by mastering timed directional attacks, blocking incoming attacks, and performing last-second parries leaving opponents open for crushing strikes that send them flying.

Call in reinforcements with a split-screen co-op featuring 10 additional maps. Bash baddies in chaotic harmony or turn teammates into improvised weapons of mass destruction by launching them into enemies. For those seeking competitive gameplay, head into split-screen deathmatches where each player commands a small army and battles against one another to settle the score.

Hammer of Virtue combines the kind of action and emergent gameplay opportunities I’ve always appreciated in gaming,” said Jens Kolhammar, programmer and owner of No Pest Productions. “As a solo developer, creating a challenging and rewarding combat system with over-the-top physics interactions has been one of the hardest and best experiences in my career and I’m thrilled to share Hammer of Virtue with players on Steam today!”

Hammer of Virtue is now available on Steam for Windows PC for $19.99 with a launch discount. It features English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language support. A PlayStation 5 version will be available in 2024.

For more information, visit the official website and wishlist Hammer of Virtue on Steam today.

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