Hold on to your nuclei: Biomutant Atomic Edition and Collector’s Edition revealed!

Pre-order now: Biomutant is getting two Premium Editions

Hold on to your nuclei: Biomutant Atomic Edition and Collector’s Edition revealed

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN / VIENNA, AUSTRIA  August 13th, 2019 – Everyone who paid attention in physics class knows that atoms are the smallest basic unit of an element with an nucleus containing protons, neutrons and electrons. But what has that got to do with Biomutant? Well, there are a couple parallels to our Biomutant Atomic Edition:

The Atomic Edition is the biggest basic unit of every Biomutant fan.

The Atomic Edition is packaged in an (almost!) indestructible shell via a premium box.

The Atomic Edition is special to the core, and is containing the following components:

  • High Detail Diorama – 60cm/23″ long, 25cm/10″ width, 30cm/12″ height
  • Game Biomutant
  • Steelbook
  • T-Shirt in L/XL
  • Oversized Mousepad 80cm/31″ x 35cm/14″
  • Artwork on Fabric A1 size
  • Soundtrack
  • Premium Box

The Biomutant Atomic Edition will be available at selected retailers for an SRP of € 399.99 | $ 399.99 | £ 349.99.

Watch the trailer of the Atomic Edition here: https://youtu.be/4NQfcQmzIac

View the mockup here: http://n.thq.com/9BSB30plnDz

Pre-order here: https://biomutant.com/

Biomutant Collector’s Edition

Mutate your living room! The Biomutant Collector’s Edition will be available for an SRP of € 109.99 | $ 109.99 | £ 99.99 for PC and € 119.99 | $ 119.99 | £ 109.99 for consoles. The genetic code of this edition has the following sequence:

  • Game Biomutant
  • Game hero figurine
  • Artwork on Fabric A1 size
  • Soundtrack
  • Premium Box

Watch the trailer of the Collector’s Edition here: https://youtu.be/APHjytr3aNs

View the mockup here: http://n.thq.com/REjF30plnDQ

Pre-order here: https://biomutant.com/

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Website: https://biomutant.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biomutantgame/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/biomutant

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