Flesh is an Illusion, Magic is Real

Lord of Illusions still holds up incredibly well. Scott Bacula brings Harry D’Amaur to life, showing his true chops as an actor, but so much credit needs to go Daniel von Bargen as Nix-The Puritan. The only other person on film (IMHO) to play a supernatural cult leader with such precision was Richard Lynch in Bad Dreams. While Bacula and Famke Janssen push the film forward, without the pure evil and sickness of Nix, the film has no energy/no strength.

The film is also probably the only film I know that uses The Magic Castle to such precision, even having sadly departed world class illusionist Billy McComb appear, although under a different name.

Supposedly the book Clive Barker is writing now (has been writing for awhile) features D’Amaur teaming with a few others and taking on Pinhead. That would make a pretty cool film too.

Anyways, the Lord of Illusions itch was in me for weeks and it was sitting on the shelf staring at me “Watch me, Watch me” and I finally watched it again after about 2 years since the last time with actually brand new, clear eyes and I’m glad I did.

If you’ve never seen it, do so… if you have, do so again… it’s just one of those kind of films.

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