Newgrounds is Grounds for Entertainment

One of my favorite websites ever is Newgrounds. It is a repository for Flash cartoons and games. I traditionally explore the games more often then the videos. While there is the occasional magic humor or even good action drama to be found in the toons, it is the games that usually rock the socks.

Here’s just some of the games I recently played that I truly enjoyed.

Droppy – PencilKids make some of the best Flash Adventure games around, this is just one of them. Check them all out though.

Copycat – this little ingenius game uses stencils and paint to inventive ways. Can you repeat the pattern?

Level Up – this platformer can be a headache in terms of trying to beat, but the storyline and pixel graphics are great.

Spyke – Another simple looking game, as a cute cat bounces on a ball, but simplicity here means a challenge.

Dale & Peakot – Except for the unweidly mouse and keyboard controls for a 2D platformer, this is one of the most professional looking games on Newgrounds in forever. Do not miss the developers, JuicyBeast, first wacky game GOBTRON.

Escape the Red Planet – Once again simplicity and cute art make one of the funnest challenges you’ll find. Not to be avoided.

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