Boxed Collector’s Editions of Sam & Max Save the World coming April 30 from Limited Run Games

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Great gouts of steaming magma on a beeline for the orphanage! Sam & Max Save the World is getting a physical release!

Skunkape Games, a studio founded by former Telltale developers to remaster the episodic Sam & Max games, have teamed up with Limited Run Games for three forthcoming physical products:

Limited Run will make these available in an open preorder from April 30 through May 30. Visit their store for more details:


About Sam & Max
Individually Sam & Max are a six-foot dog in a suit (Sam) and a naked hyperkinetic rabbity-thing (Max) with sharp wit, big guns, and their own unique way of fighting crime. Collectively they are the Freelance Police, stars of award-winning comics by Steve Purcell, a 1990s LucasArts adventure game, a short-lived Canadian TV show, an upcoming VR game, and three episodic seasons released by Telltale Games between 2006 and 2010. Skunkape’s remastered version of the first of these, Sam & Max Save the World, released for PC and Nintendo Switch in December.

Sam & Max in their remastered office

In Sam & Max Save the World (a.k.a. Sam & Max Season One), the duo investigate a hypnosis plot that spins to global proportions in six linked cases that originally released as downloadable monthly episodes. The remaster features overhauled lighting, lip-sync, audio, cinematography, and more to bring a 15-year-old game up to modern standards.

Original-remaster comparison shot

About the Limited Run Collector’s Editions
The Collector’s Editions will feature big box packaging with cover art painted by Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, a Highway Surfing mini print (also painted by Purcell), six postcards depicting the game’s six episodes as comic book covers, and the game on physical media.

Sam & Max Save the World Collector's Edition mockup

The Collector’s Editions will also include an updated recreation of the Sam & Max Season One Case File, which was available in very limited quantities when Sam & Max Season One originally released in 2007. You can learn more about the Case File and its history here:

Sam & Max Season One case file
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