Book Expo America 2011 Photo Edition (Day 2)

Jimmy Fallon was very gracious and kind.  He loved that I told him how much I loved “The Bathroom Wall”

Kevin Sorbo was a little late, but he was awesome, even when I accidentally in my half-awake state confused Andromeda and Farscape.  I know the difference and knew which show he was on, I just confused their plots.

Duff McKagan seemed just amazed to be at a Book Expo instead of a rock event.  I praised LOADED and asked about the US leg of the tour.

I got be to be first in line for Joey’s signing and asked him some very intensive questions about the book, his condition and how it’ll affect his future work.  Very intriguing short conversation.

I almost missed out on Candace, but Henry Rollins ended up cancelling.  I have a feeling her book will have way too much Jesus stuff as she follows in her brother’s footsteps, but hey, I got the pic.

The publishers moved the Chuck Pahlaniuk line along pretty fast, but I’m just glad to have an early copy of DAMNED.

These photos of course only show a portion of the second day.  SO much more happened that I didn’t photograpgh.  These photos along with txt elsewhere tell a great tale though, or if not a great tale, a document of a time.

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