A Highland Song (review)

Running away from home can present many challenges, but when you’re a teenage girl in the Irish isles it has even more challenges. If it’s anything like my experience in the game A Highland Song it may be beautiful, enticing, remarkable and amazing but also terrifying, distressing, confusing, and difficult.

I had two playthroughs, one in which I’m fairly sure I died twice but through an unexplained story element did not. I was three days behind on arriving at my destination but felt so close, but then suddenly I couldn’t move forward or backward. I tried but mechanics or a bug or I don’t know blocked mu continuance. This was fine as the game has so many paths and is designed for at least two playthroughs if not more.

My second playthrough is happening but I think I’m lost. I tried an entirely different path but got turned around and now I’m back at the start of it. I don’t know which way to go. I’ll never make it to my uncle’s. I’m going to die out here. Except… I can’t die? I can just learn more and more and keep going and going, which way? What do I know? What have I forgotten? What will I discover? What did I make up? This all sounds like a song… not just cause when I run fast I hear melodies and jump to the beat as best as I can, but because it’s lyrical and nonsense but lovely and mesmerizing.

I don’t know the feelings I’ve described is what A HIGHLAND SONG meant to do, but there they are and I’m glad I have them.

A Highland Song was developed by inlke studios and is available for PC on Steam and also on Nintendo Switch now!

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