The Adventure ends… The Adventure Continues

With the huge finale of Adventure Time airing tonight titled “The Ultimate Adventure” I thought now was a perfect time to a small reminiscence on the entire journey and also remind you via a July 23, 2018 press release that while the animated series ends at season 10, an officially licensed continuation begins with season 11 from BOOM Comics in October.   BOOM has been the official publisher of comics based in the Land of OOO since 2012 with specials, one shots, limited series and an on-going that they are the perfect people to continue these tales.

The show started development way back in 2008 shortly after it became an internet sensation that was a short which first appeared on Nickelodeon in 2006. Ignoring long stories the show found itself at Cartoon Network being built into a full series by Pendelton Ward, Patrick McHale and Adam Muto. 10 years later, Pen has moved on to creating Bravest Warriors, McHale developed Over The Garden Wall and Muto became the true brainchild of Adventure Time although much of what we see even now goes back to brain storming with Pen and Pat and the entire creative team through the years. A creative team that have created their own shows for Cartoon Network with as much staying power or in some cases even more so. Steven Universe, O.K. Go, and many more definitely owe their existence to the immense success of Adventure Time.

Along the way the show’s lore has been expanded in so many ways. Not just in the series itself but in amazing books and coffee tables. There has been 5 video games, every season collected on blu-ray and/or DVD, plushes, action figures, McDonald’s campaigns, shirts, backpacks, costumes. It’s been a very powerful 10 years and despite the show ending its new episode run tonight (September 3rd 2018) it’ll run on Cartoon Network forever and maybe even at some point be syndicated elsewhere.

I personally have had the great opportunity to speak with at length Ward, McHale, Muto, Sugar, Quarterly and even cast members such as Jeremy Shada, Tom Kenny, and Olivia Olsen about the show as a whole.

So don’t forget tune into Cartoon Network tonight (or all day for a Marathon), then in October… continue the adventure with BOOM.

BOOM! Studios & Cartoon Network Announce

an All New Comic Book Series

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 23, 2018) – BOOM! Studios has announcedADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 #1, the official comic book continuation of the Emmy® Award-winning Cartoon Network animated series.

A modern day fable, the Emmy® Award–winning animated series Adventure Timehas become a global success since its premiere in 2010, attracting adult and kid viewers in their millions over the course of 10 seasons. It follows unlikely heroes Finn and Jake, buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo and encounter its colorful inhabitants. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of heart-pounding escapades. Finn, a silly kid with an awesome hat and Jake, a brassy dog with a big kind heart, depend on each other through thick and thin. Adventure Time is created by Pendleton Ward and produced at Cartoon Network Studios.

The story of the Land of Ooo will continue on in comic book form with ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 launching from KaBOOM!, BOOM! Studios award-winning imprint, this Fall. Eisner Award-winning writer Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Hock Chye) and artist Marina Julia (Lumberjanes: Faire and Square) bring you all new stories in the aftermath of The Great Gum War, as Finn, Jake and the entire land of Ooo begin to pick up the pieces with some new and unexpected friends. BOOM! Studios has been publishing the New York Times bestselling Adventure Time comic books and graphic novels since 2012 and been honored with Eisner, Harvey, and Diamond Gem Awards for the series.

“I hadn’t watched many animated series since the heyday of The Simpsons, but once I sat down and watched Adventure Time, I was immediately hooked,” said Sonny Liew. “It gave me a sense of afternoons spent watching cartoons as a kid, somehow appealing to both the adult and kid inside you. I didn’t try to analyze the form or structure too much, wanting to just enjoy the series on its own… but I suppose now I’m working on scripts for the comics, I’ll have to watch it again with a different lens, and try to figure out the methods behind the magic.”

“I’ve had a lot of fun working on Adventure Time: Beginning of the End, and I’m looking forward to getting to work on more Adventure Time!” said Marina Julia. “It’s a really fun series and to be able to play in that space is always really enjoyable.”

ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 #1 features a main cover by Jorge Corona (The Flash), along with variant covers by Julie Benbasset (You Be You), Audrey Mok (Archie) and Paul Pope (Batman: Year 100).

Adventure Time airs its season finale this Labor Day on Cartoon Networkand you definitely don’t want to miss it! ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 takes place after the shows end and will continue the journey for some of our favorite heroes in the comics,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Sonny and Marina are a great team and we are excited to launch this all-new adventure with them.’

ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ award-winning KaBOOM! imprint, home to comics for middle grade and younger readers including licensed series such as Over The Garden WallSteven Universe, Peanuts, and Garfield, along with original series like Mega Princess by Kelly Thompson and Brianne Drouhard, Bodie Troll by Jay Fosgitt, and The Deep by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer.

Print copies of ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 will be available for sale in October 2018 at local comic book shops (use to find the nearest one) and the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.

For continuing news on ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 11 and more from BOOM! Studios, stay tuned to and follow @boomstudios on Twitter.

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