Whispers of a Machine Makes Noise on April 17th!

Veteran adventure game developers Clifftop Games (Kathy Rain) and Faravid Interactive (The Samaritan Paradox) have been quietly tinkering away on some final augmentations for Whispers of a Machine, and now it’s finally time to reveal some big news – Whispers of a Machine launches on April 17th for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android!
Back in December, we revealed a ton of information on what you can expect in this Sci-Fi Nordic Noir adventure game, set in a world where AI has been outlawed for almost a century. It turns out not everyone in this new era of humanity adheres to the rules, though…

Join Vera, a cybernetically enhanced agent of the Central Bureau, on a seemingly routine murder investigation that quickly spirals into a sinister plot involving the resurrection of AI. Use your augmentations to investigate, analyze, and manipulate your surroundings. Gain new enhancements based on your actions, giving you different tools to deal with puzzles that contain multiple solutions. Experience a gripping journey through a post-AI world, as Vera confronts not only those bent on destruction, but also the painful memories of her own past.

Whispers of a Machine is developed by
Clifftop Games
Faravid Interactive

More info at
Official site: whispersofamachine.com
Discord: discord.gg/rawfury
Wishlist on Steam

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