Traditional mini-game logic/visual maze puzzles wrapped in an quiet, lovely, at times intricate and beautiful narrative with interesting point and click styles is the easiest way for me to describe Children of Silentown. A children’s story book with some adult themes that will have you pulled in slowly but never bored.

Out on January 11th, 2023 after a long development time with a prologue which originally released in 2020 you can feel this was a labor of love from the art, animation, music and writing. At times frustrating if you are more into figuring out the right item or dialogue tree over a maze, if you go in understanding that a god portion of the game will be such mazes you are tempered properly to enjoy the lovely art and solving the traditional adventure portions to unlock the mazes which open up more adventure portions.

Truly there isn’t much more to discuss without revealing too much. The game feels small, yet also larger than life at times with its centuries old mythology. I must reveal as a player I have not gotten as far in the game as I would like but I truly feel I have played far enough to recommend it built on what I have described and even suggest that mazes aren’t your thing you will maybe find that you do enjoy them through playing Children of Silentown.

Children of Silentown is available on PC (Steam & GOG), XBox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation systems.

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