Under The Ocean Is Where You’ll Find Me

In 2020 the opportunity to swim under the ocean and scuba was something one couldn’t even conceive doing. Most can’t even conceive of doing super diving though, seeing sharks, whales and fish you’d assume were alien creatures up close and personal. In Beyond Blue by  E-Line Media you can do just that though especially after unlocking free swim when you completed the story mode.

That story mode is a wonderful experience though, craftily written and expertly voice acted it lands a narrative that allows for exploration while becoming connected the folks whose job it is to conserve, explore, educate and document the world under the ocean. A world as interesting as the ones in space and one could say we could learn a lot more from than anywhere else.

As wonderful as the story is, the graphics as well as the handling of the gameplay are also fantastic. While it could definitely be considered a walking simulator or in this case a swimming simulator, there’s the feels of trying to capturing all the scans of the fish, making actual story directions, unlocking secrets, so that it stays a game and not just a very powerful visual novel/interactive educational software.

On top of those visuals, story and relaxing, easy but enjoyable play is a spectacular soundtrack. Songs from The Marias, The Edisons , Vanderock, TokiMonsta and even The Flaming Lips, can be listened to at your leisure in the submarine ship while an ambient score accompanies you in the waters. The music seems to also have a narrative nature to them as one track is presented as a demo track of a character’s relative. It actually adds a lot to the attachment and making you care about the story and the people as much as you do the fish.

I really do recommend Beyond Blue as a zen like experience. In these times and even in the cold winters of normal life, the chance to jump into the dark ocean and see the beauty from the safety of your PC or console is something we all need.

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