UglyDolls San Diego Comic Con 2019

This Year’s UglyDolls San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Are A Family Affair

Hasbro has given a first look at what they have planned for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Uglydolls plush — and it’s a pretty memorable package. Putting together Wedghead, Wage, and Moxy — a trio of characters who have backstories important to the overall Uglydolls story — the packaging looks very much like a family affair. You can check the image out below.
Fans who will be attending Comic Con can get a set for $35 at the Hasbro Toy Shop. Be sure to keep your eyes on and Hasbro‘s social media handles for any other potential opportunities to pick them up if you aren’t going to be at the San Diego convention center a month from now.

Discover the ultimate throwback ARTIST SERIES UGLYDOLLS plush set including MOXY, WAGE and WEDGEHEAD! Behind these wonderfully weird dolls is the love story of David and Sun-Min. The couple met in art school, and when Sun-Min moved back to South Korea, they sent each other love letters. At the bottom of one of these letters, David doodled a kooky character. Loving the sweet design, Sun-Min sewed the doodle into a doll, and here we are folks! UGLYDOLLS was born from a doodle!

Paying homage to UGLYDOLLS’ grown-with-love roots, the ARTIST SERIES UGLYDOLLS plush toys are inspired by their original design. The 3-doll stuffed toy set comes in special packaging with fun facts and creator tidbits printed on it. Find out the origin of WEDGHEAD’s name, what makes MOXY an amazing friend, and WAGE’S claim to UGLYDOLL’S fame. There is a note from creator David Horvath printed on the package–harkening back to the love letter inception.

You can get the set at Comic Con International in San Diego next month. The giant pop culture celebration runs from July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center. As for Uglydolls, the toys are already ubiquitous, and the characters’ appearances in media are starting to pile up. A feature film came out earlier this year, and will be on home video soon. In May, Hulu signed a deal with STX Entertainment to produce an Uglydolls animated series, which will give them 26 episodes per season and the exclusive streaming rights to the movie.

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