The Wild Case: a mini game review

I get a bunch of games that catch my attention, some big, some small, some that came out awhile ago that I haven’t gotten to check out and some coming out a long time from now. In this case, the game is The Wild Case, a short, but intriguing first person point and click mildly visual novel adventure game.

What must be pointed out immediately is that the painted art for this game is excellent. While there is very little animation, the art style evokes something that compels one to continue the story. There is no voice acting, but the writing is solid. Where the game becomes less a game and more a clever interactive story is the puzzles. There is no true trouble solving and much of solving is built on coded trigger events, but this doesn’t take away from it. You will want to play these simple fetch and solve puzzles to get to the next step in this mystery.

To truly discuss any of it spoils the experience, but I know some must be presented. You are an investigative journalist, you’re in a foreign town, there’s something weird going on and you have been tasked with figuring it out. It’s adventure game 101 and again, not truly a puzzle game and much more a visual novel with more interaction than most, but it’s done very well.

The Wild Case is available on Steam, The Apple App store and Windows Store with varying prices and is for Windows, Mac and Linux. The developer Special Bit are also currently making a Nintendo Switch build.

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