The Oz Historian

One of the cooler comics that I’ve been getting was published by SLG/Amaze Ink, Dan Vado’s company. It was called The Royal Historian of Oz and it was written by Tommy Kovac who had previously written the fantastic Wonderland story drawn by Sonny Liew also published by SLG and was drawn by Andy Hirsch in his first “mainstream comics” gig and here’s hoping he gets more.

I was truly loving this mini series with 4 issues in the pot, Issue 5 would’ve been printed and shipped this month (June 2011), but sadly the preorders were only 800. Dan Vado surmises that people must be trade waiting or at least he hopes this, as do I.

Royal Historian of Oz is a great story, up there with anything Eric Shanower has done prior to his current OZ adaptations with Skottie Young.

Issue 5 is available though, as a DRM-free PDF file for only 1 buck.

I already picked it up because I wanted to see the conclusion. You can either wait for the trade or pick up the entire series in mobile formats. It’s worth it.

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