The Losers (movie review)

I’ll see your big knife and raise you a classic gun from a Brazilian drug lord

Explosions, a swarmy sadistic and yet wimpy bad guy, cool guys, an okay looking chick (or in some people’s eyes gorgeous, but to me she’s just ok) and original artwork from the artist known simply as JOCK equals a movie that is a lot of fun and well conducted and definitely worth a watch.

Screenwriters Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt first came together to make The Rundown and with The Losers they successfully IMHO, albeit with changes, adapted Andy Diggle’s Vertigo comic in 90 minutes of bombastic action that runs at a steady clip and felt way more than 90 minutes in a good way.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the man, but you know that already. The rest of the cast is good enough and believable for pastiche characters. The strongest definitely is Jason Patric though. He’s a new kind of villain. I’ve been told his character has much less characterization and personality in the comic, basically nothing but a shadow… so Berg, Vanderbilt, White and Jason Patric really had some fun in creating something there.

The best bits in the films are the jokes, Jensen’s T-shirts, topless JDM and one hilarious Patric bit. The best things actually come during the ending credits. They don’t work without the rest of the film, but they are just so perfectly hilarious.

I’ll be very curious to see what Sylvain White’s next film will be as I never saw his Stomp The Yard and I also became curious in his previous work before this, so I did tons of google-fu to find a site that had that stuff… that site is this.

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